Orienteering NZ Compass Point e-Newsletter – March 2018
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Thu 1 Mar 2018 10:23pm
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What’s in this Issue:

  • View from the Chair
  • AGM Notice – Confirmation of Venue, Date and Time
  • Event Liaison Update
  • NZ Annual Awards Nominations Open
  • New Mapping Specification
  • ONZ Policy Updates

View from the Chair

It’s been “all hands to the pumps” this month as we’ve pieced together the 2017 Annual Report in time for the forthcoming AGM. Production time has been further constrained through the knowledge that our General Manager was due to depart for the Winter Paralympics in South Korea at the beginning of the month.

Anyway – happy to report that targets were met and clubs by now will have received their electronic version which is also on the ONZ website. Catriona is to be congratulated on producing a quality publication which describes the full extent of our activities over the past year together with supporting statistics and results from key events.

End of the month will showcase our premier domestic event of the year – the 2018 Nationals hosted by Auckland OC. It will provide for many the first opportunity to run on the maps prepared for the World Masters Orienteering Champs which is an ideal way to make full use of the residual legacy items from WMOC. Nationals also means trials for our aspiring elites intending to compete at either WOC or JWOC.

Talk of Nationals serves as a reminder to get those entries in  – as the cut off date for standard fees is 9 March. To everyone involved in Nationals  – a huge thank you in advance – and good luck to all competing.

David Turner
Chair ONZ Council

AGM Notice – Confirmation of Venue, Date and Time

Orienteering NZ advises the 2018 AGM will be held in Auckland during the National Championships at Easter.

The AGM will be held after the Sprint event at the location and time below:

Auckland University Quad Cafe
Friday 30 March 2018

The 2017 Annual Report is now available on the Orienteering NZ website.

This year the report celebrates the amazing orienteering which has occured both in New Zealand and Internationally.

JWOC Coach Appointed

ONZ is pleased to announce Devon Beckman has been appointed as JWOC Coach.  Devon will be working with potential team members with their preparation for the trials at the National Championships and then work with the selected athletes to get ready for the competition.

Upcoming Events

For upcoming events check out the Orienteering NZ website

Event Liaison Update

Controller Clinic – 3-4 March

Controllers Clinic, Upper North Island:  Beginner, club level and Orienteering NZ graded controllers; a great opportunity not to be missed!

We are arranging a Controllers clinic to be run by IOF Controller Marquita Gelderman on the 3-4 March 2018 at Huapai District School and the nearby Riverhead forest.

There will be a small cost of $20.00 to cover venue hire etc, which will be payable to your club.

The clinic details will be updated on the ONZ website;  Orienteering NZ Events

Please register online using this link;  https://goo.gl/forms/X4HHpsww52Ve0e932

More information? Contact Russell Higham events@orienteering.org.nz

ONZ Annual Awards 2017 Nominations Open

Services to NZ Orienteering
Our premier service award honouring an individual who has contributed in a most deserving manner to the development of orienteering in NZ.

International Performance 
For achievement by an individual or team in international competition in year preceding.

Kapiti HAVOC Trophy
For international performance in year proceeding by a junior.

Coach of the Year
For outstanding contribution in coaching during year proceeding by an individual.

Mountain Bike Orienteer of the Year
For meritorious performance by an individual or team in mountain bike orienteering during year preceding.

Rogainer of the Year
For meritorious performance by an individual or team in rogaining during year preceding.

Administrator of the Year
For outstanding contribution in administration for either a club, ONZ or a special project during year proceeding by an individual.

Nominations close on 20 March 2018
Please send nominations to gm@orienteering.org.nz

Parks Week ReminderParks Week

10-18 March …. an opportunity to promote orienteering to a wider audience

Parks Week 2017 was a huge success with hundreds of organisations across Australia and New Zealand holding events to celebrate the vital role parks play in creating liveable cities and thriving communities. the week saw Councils and other organisations on both sides of the Tasman running engaging events to raise awareness on the value of parks and open spaces, and to get people out of their living rooms and enjoying the outdoors.

This year NZ Recreation Association want to make Parks Week even bigger and spread the word:

  • Visiting parks is good for your physical and mental well-being.
  • Healthy parks are an essential ingredient for healthy people.
  • Parks support health and well-being, enhance the ability to cope with and recover from illness and injury and help to reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  • Parks build stronger and connected communities by providing places where people come together for leisure.
  • Parks provide environmental benefits to our cities.
    To promote an event [click here].  To find out what’s on near you [click here]

New Mapping Specification ISOM2017

The following message is aimed at clubs but mappers are vitally involved, so it’s included here. It was written by Michael Wood who was involved in NZ submissions on, and introduction of, the new specification.

From 1 Jan, the new mapping specification is now officially “in”. We would expect NZ’s top  (A level) events to use the new spec from now on. We would NOT however expect that every minor or even middle-sized event will use a converted map for some time to come. Some maps are easy to convert and some aren’t.

There are only a few noticeable differences but clubs should advertise which specification is in effect for each event – ISOM2000 (old) or ISOM2017 (new). This should be in the event information but it would be good practice to have a statement on the map too.

(Aside. The new specification does not apply to sprints, so that’s a third specification which could apply. Where the Sprint specification is used for an event that is NOT a sprint, then you also need to be clear about whether the different sprint no-go rules are in effect. It’s about fairness, and possibly also about landowner relations:-))

There are resources on the ONZ website covering the ISOM changes (a) for participants and (b) for mappers. Please give us feedback about any difficulties you meet.

And finally, do you have a plan for converting your local maps over time? If my club is any example, updates and layout for the next event will always take priority for the mapping officer, who is probably a volunteer. There’s a lot of value tied up in your map collection, you may need to manage the conversion of your map collection as you would a major new map.

ONZ Policy Updates

In 2014 ONZ introduced a new policy manual covering all aspects of orienteering business.  These policies were developed in consultation with members.  Each policy has a review date.  While some of these dates have passed, ONZ is now commencing an ongoing rolling review process of policies to ensure they are accurate, current and represent best practice while achieving the outcomes originally intended.

Because this process is going to be ongoing, ONZ is now providing notice to all clubs if they have any feedback, suggestions or comments on policies being reviewed, to please forward them to the General Manager in a timely manner.

A list of the policies to be reviewed first can be found on the ONZ website.

This list will be regularly updated so please ensure you continue to check out what is being reviewed.

Council nominations to the 2018 IOF General Assembly

The 2018 General Assembly will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 6 October 2018.

At the General Assembly in Italy in 2014, the IOF Statutes were changed and the term length for Council members was increased from 2 to 4 years. A rotation system was introduced at the same time which means that 5 Council members terms are ending in connection with the 2018 General Assembly, and elections will be held for these Council positions.

The following Council members terms are ending as of the General Assembly 2018:
Vice President Mike Dowling (AUS)
Vice President Mikko Salonen (FIN)
Member Dominic Yue (HKG)
Member Maria Silvia Viti (ITA)
Member Tatiana Kalenderoglu (TUR)

Orienteering NZ will have a chance to nominate candidate for positions no later than 5 June 2018.

If you are interested in being nominated by Orienteering NZ for an IOF Council position, please contact Catriona to discuss your interest.  Email gm@orienteering.org.nz as soon as possible.

Orienteering Photos… your chance to get your photos on the ONZ website

We are wanting good looking images that reflects orienteering in NZ to update our website.  We know lots of you do take photos of events etc and we’d love to use your photos on our website.

To fit the ONZ website banner we need images which will fit the narrow band size 1366px x 304px. (or better e.g.  2732px x 600px or  5464px x 1200px)

If you have any images you are willing to share please send them to webmaster@orienteering.org.nz

Southland New Secretary

Southland have elected a new Secretary Simon Welson – email southlandorienteeringclub@gmail.com

2018 Paralympic GamesAs mentioned above, our General Manager Catriona McBean is heading off to the Winter Paralympics Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  Catriona will be volunteering at the Biathlon.

She will be back on 20 March so if there are any urgent matters during this time, please contact ONZ President David Turner.

Keeping you more informed

ONZ has updated its e-newsletter database which now allows you to chose which areas are of special interest to you – such as High Performance, Technical, Mapping.

To update your email list Preferences, please Click Here.

We welcome your feedback at any time.

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