Orienteering NZ Compass Point eNewsletter – April-May 2017
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Thu 1 Jun 2017 5:04pm
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What’s in this Issue:

  • View from the Chair
  • ONZ Appointments & Vacancies – New Vacancies!
  • 2016 ONZ Award Recipients
  • Oceania & Auckland World Masters Games
  • New Mapping Standard
  • High Performance Update

View from the Chair

Hopefully everyone has managed to get their breath back after what can only be described as a wonderful spectacle of orienteering over the Easter period.

Much will be said about the series of events which included Oceania, Middle Earth and the World Masters Orienteering Championship. Heaps of praise has already been lashed upon the organisers from officials and competitors alike but all agree it has showcased NZ and orienteering in particular. So on behalf of ONZ, let me thank planners, controllers, the OOC but especially the army of “green volunteers” at AWMG who provided the face of our sport on a daily basis during the World Masters and made such a lasting impression on our visitors.

I did get the opportunity to meet with visiting officials and most notably IOF Vice President Mike Dowling. Our discussions centred upon the ability of Australia or NZ to host a major event given the new WOC regime and also the significant cost of hosting such events. The best opportunity for NZ probably lies with JWOC or WMTBO Champs and we will examine if we have the capability to take such commitments on.

I also caught up with Blair Trewin the Orienteering Australia President. We both agreed on the need to work together more closely and co-operate where competition and training can be of mutual benefit. We have agreed to formally catch up quarterly with the first session earmarked for last week of May.

Meanwhile on planet earth we are back to our normal business and at our Council Meeting in early May we discussed opportunities for sponsorship and also how we could make the Kapiti HAVOC fund work better for all. Sponsorship is also a target for Council but we recognise that we should not jump feet first into some deal which will have no long term benefit for ONZ and its elite teams.

Therefore we have agreed to seek further advice for a market sports specialist. Also on our May agenda was anti-match fixing and sports betting legislation which we need to encompass within a policy. We have made a start but have some way to go.

David Turner
Chairperson ONZ Council

ONZ Appointments & Vacancies

The following vacancies are currently being advertised on the ONZ website:

  • Convenor – Technical Committee
  • Southern Cross Challenge – Team Manager & Coach
  • Media Advisor

Full position descriptions for all these roles are available on the Orienteering NZ website.

Upcoming Events

  • Queens Birthday 3-4 June Canterbury

For more events check out the Orienteering NZ website

2016 ONZ Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following recipients who were confirmed for the 2016 Awards at the AGM in April.  The presentation of the awards will take place at the National Championships at Labour Weekend.

Services to NZ Orienteering

Phillippa Poole – NW

International Performance

Tim Robertson – HV

Kapiti HAVOC Trophy

Shamus Morrison/Tommy Hayes/Ed Cory-Wright (NZ JWOC relay team)

Coach of the Year

Lyn Stanton – AK

Mountain Bike Orienteer of the Year

Tom Spencer – TK

Rogainer of the Year

Chris Forne/Greig Hamilton, and Georgia Whitla/Lara Prince – PAPO

Administrator of the Year

Richard Smith  – PAPO

President’s Award

Erin & Pete Swanson – OBOP

Brighouse Trophy

Lisa Mead – NW

Volunteer Awards

Tom Reynolds – OBOP
Devon Beckman – HB
Sophie Harrison – PAPO
Paul Teesdale-Spittle – WN

Oceania + World Masters Orienteering Championships - Auckland 2017WOW!

What an experience for everyone involved.

Thanks must go to all the volunteers who gave their time, energy and smiles to the events.  At AWMG the “Green Shirts” and Oceania’s “Blue tops” were readily recognised by everyone and were a credit to Orienteering in NZ.

If you were interested in the stats, here they are:
Oceania – 1361 athletes, 4533 total entries across the 4 events
Middle Earth – 1418 athletes, 2499 total entries in the 2 events
WMOC/Masters Games – 1744 athletes, 60 countries, 10,244 entries in the 6 events.

Congratulations to our medalists:
21E Sprint – Ross Morrison (1), Imogene Scott (3)
21E Middle – Nick Hann (1), Matt Ogden (2), Renee Beveridge (3)
21E Long – Gene Beveridge (1), Matt Ogden (2), Imogene Scott (3)

M50 Sprint – Alister Cory-Wright (2), Bill Edwards (3)
W50 Sprint – Yvette Baker (2), Marquita Gerderman (3)
W55 Sprint – Carey Nazzer (3)
W80 Sprint – Ann Scott (2)
M35 Long – Karl Dravitzki (2), Greg Flynn (3)
M45 Long – Carsten Joergensen (2)
M50 Long – Bill Edwards (2)
M70 Long – Ross Brighouse (3)
W50 Long – Marquita Gerderman (3)
W55 Long – Carey Nazzer (1)

New Mapping Standard

The Mapping Committee has reviewed the new specification for orienteering events, ISOM 2017, and believe it is suitable for use in New Zealand. The IOF have released a schedule of timings for when the new specification should be used for IOF events:

“For IOF events between 1 May and 31 December 2017, both ISOM 2000 and ISOM 2017 could be accepted, but which map standard is used at the event must be clearly stated in the Bulletin(s) for the event. For all events after 1 January 2018, ISOM 2017 should be used unless there are contractual limitations which would prevent this.”

The Mapping Committee agrees with these timings and agree we need to implement them in NZ at the same time as we believe it is important that our runners become accustomed to the new specification.

High Performance Update

National Squads

With the selection of the WOC and JWOC teams there are new additions to the National Squads as selection in these teams is one of the criteria for squad membership.

Congratulations therefore to Callum Herries and Jenna Tidswell who have been added to the U23 Squad. The squads now look as follows.

Senior Men

Gene Beveridge (NW)
Chris Forne (PAPO)
Nick Hann (PAPO)
Ross Morrison (HB)
Shamus Morrison (W)
Matt Ogden (NW)
Tim Robertson (HV)
Toby Scott (A)

Senior Women

Renee Beveridge (NW)
Lizzie Ingham (W)
Jula McMillan (NW)
Kate Morrison (HB)
Laura Robertson (HV)
Imogene Scott (N)
Georgia Whitla (PAPO)

Under 23 Men

Devon Beckman (HB)
Ed Cory-Wright (PAPO)
Matt Goodall (CM)
Tommy Hayes (A)
Callum Herries (HB)
Cameron de L’Isle (NW)
Nick Smith (PAPO)
Cameron Tier (NW)

Under 23 Women

Katie Cory-Wright (PAPO)
Kayla Fairbairn (NW)
Danielle Goodall (CM)
Sophie Harrison (PAPO)
Sonia Hollands (CM)
Lara Molloy (W)
Jenna Tidswell (HB)
Alice Tilley (NW)

With top 3 and top 5 finishes in Oceania also counting for Senior and Under 23 Squad membership respectively there are likely to be other additions in October after the ONZ Championships.

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