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Orienteering NZ Compass Point – Constitutional Review Special Edition - 10/09/2015 03:34
By Catriona McBean

How do we ensure we get the best possible people sitting on the Orienteering NZ Council? A discussion including why, potential alternatives, and request for your feedback.

ONZ Junior Camp 2015
Orienteering Junior Camp 2015 – Bulletin 1 Published - 09/09/2015 04:48
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe

The NZ Orienteering Junior Camp Bulletin 1 has been published and is available for download. Held in the stunning Auckland forests, as well as superb sprint terrain, Junior Camp 2015 in Auckland (13-18 December 2015) is not to be missed!

Vegas Vindaloo MTBO weekend – new and established MTBOer’s shine - 09/09/2015 11:54
By Pete Swanson

Over 80 MTBO riders competed in the 3 events that make up the annual Vegas Vindaloo MTBO challenge in Rotorua on the 5-6 Sept 2015. The 3 events – MTBO Sprint, Classic, and Rogaine provided contrasting challenges…

WOA – Wellington Orienteering Champs 17th-18th October Hawkes Bay - 06/09/2015 05:00
By HBFixtures

On-line entries now open for this event, 3 races over two days. In the sprint race at Arataki on Saturday afternoon, all elite class runners will be using SPORTident Air! This is a first for any major event in New Zealand!

29th Annual Winter Classic – 8th November, 2015 - 03/09/2015 10:50
By WgtnOC

Come and explore a new map on the wild, beautiful East Harbour. Navigate in places you never knew existed. Run or walk on areas with incredible vistas, with rock detail, native bush and a lighthouse. Courses suitable for beginners to experts. Bring the kids, adventure with friends or compete with the best.

Orienteering NZ logo
ONZ High Performance News – August 2015 - 31/08/2015 07:45
By Malcolm Ingham

So WOC has come and gone once again, a draining, but overall highly positive, experience for all concerned, and one to which a large number of people contributed. As a lot has already been written I include only the salient summary below. Now we look forward to the Australian Champs week including the Oz Schools […]

Orienteering - World Masters Games 2017 Official Sport
Orienteering NZ Compass Point e-Newsletter – August 2015 - 31/08/2015 10:00
By Catriona McBean

President’s Rant – August 2015 Pride of place this month must go to our international athletes who have produced outstanding performances on a world stage. These include our Mens and Womens WOC teams in Scotland; with the potential for the men being promoted to Group 2 on the strength of their overall performance and the […]

WOA – Wellington Orienteering Champs 17th-18th October Hawkes Bay - 20/08/2015 09:22
By HBFixtures

The Wellington Orienteering Champs – Hawkes Bay – 17-18 October 2015 Day 1: AM Middle Maraetotara Day 1: PM Sprint Arataki Day 2: AM Long Fire Station See www.hborienteering.com for more details coming soon.

WOC – Promotion and relegation – where we start in 2016 - 16/08/2015 05:26
By Malcolm Ingham

Although we naturally tend to look at individual results in the WOC races, just as important are the overall standing of the men’s and women’s teams as these dictate how many runners we will be allowed in the Middle and Long distance races at the next WOC. Nations are divided into 3 groups. The 8 […]

Orienteering - World Masters Games 2017 Official Sport
Vacancies: Two Orienteering Event Managers – World Masters Games & Oceania Championships 2017 - 14/08/2015 06:27
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe

An exciting opportunity to provide leadership and be the event manager for one of the two upcoming 2017 major international orienteering events based in Auckland. Applications close 30 August 2015.

Selection Notice: Australia – New Zealand Challenge, Australian Mountain Bike Orienteering Champs, Anglesea Victoria, 7/8 November 2015 - 13/08/2015 10:58
By Pete Swanson

All riders wishing to be considered for selection to the New Zealand Team to compete against Australia in the up-coming ANZ MTBO Challenge should notify the MTBO Selection Panel Convenor, Peter Swanson, by August 31st 2015. Notification should be by email to peteswanson64@gmail.com, or to 29a Lewis Road, Lynmore, Rotorua, BOP 3010. Please include your club, […]

WOC2015 Report #9 – the longest day - 08/08/2015 10:37
By Malcolm Ingham

Midges, mountainous contours, marshes and moorland – it was a long, long day at the long distance, during which the three Team NZL runners, despite early wobbles, stuck to their task to finish in fine style across the open hillside west of the arena. Both men’s and women’s courses featured very long legs – one […]

WOC2015 logo
WOC2015 Report #8 – (the late one) on the up at the relays - 06/08/2015 07:23
By Malcolm Ingham

After an exhilarating day at Darnaway for the relay followed by a team and supporters dinner in Inverness to help celebrate Tim’s birthday, apologies for the late report on goings on in Scotland! But, yes, amazing performances by all in both the men’s and women’s relays with the men improving from 23rd last year to […]

WOC2015 Report #7, middle distance – joy and pain at Darnaway - 05/08/2015 09:37
By Malcolm Ingham

Today’s middle distance has brought it all for team NZL – world class runs by Lizzie and Matt, solid performances from Laura and Renee, but an injury to Tim which cast a bit of a damper on an otherwise good day. Particularly pleasing was that on courses at Darnaway, venue for WOC in 1976, which […]

Orienteering - World Masters Games 2017 Official Sport
Middle Earth Orienteering 2017 - 04/08/2015 12:16
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe

The Oceania Orienteering Championships will be run in the Auckland region over Easter (14-17 April 2017), the weekend prior to the start of the World Masters Orienteering Championships (WMOC) being held as part of the World Masters Games from 21-30 April in Auckland. The NZ Orienteering Nationals will be hosted by Hawkes Bay Orienteering Club and will take place at Labour Weekend 2017.

Tim Sprint WOC 2015
WOC2015 Report # 6 – the sprint final - 03/08/2015 10:23
By Malcolm Ingham

After the highs of the sprint qualifying and sprint relay the only bright spot of the sprint final was Tim’s excellent 20th place in the men’s race. The three women all had difficulties of different kinds. Laura started very strongly and was well up at the half-way point but suffered from stitch and dropped rapidly […]

WOC2015 Report #5 – the sprint relay - 02/08/2015 10:14
By Malcolm Ingham

A storming finish by Laura, mowing down the Italian runner on the short steep climb to the last control, has seen Team NZL finish 12th in tonight’s sprint relay held in Nairn. This is one place higher than last year’s finish in Italy, but slightly frustrating as the top 10 was in touching distance. Lizzie […]

Ross Brighouse
Ross Brighouse wins at WMOC in Sweden - 01/08/2015 11:50
By Malcolm Ingham

Congratulations to Ross Brighouse of Counties who has won the M70 title at WMOC in Gothenburg. Ross’s time of 48-47 gave him a winning margin of 47 seconds over Jan Fogelberg of Sweden, with another Swede in 3rd place. It is Ross’s third WMOC title in a long and distinguished careeer representing New Zealand at both […]

WOC2015 NZ Women
WOC2015 Report #4 – the nearly perfect day – sprint qualification, Forres - 01/08/2015 10:13
By Malcolm Ingham

After all the build-up WOC is finally underway and today was almost, but not quite, a dream start for Team NZL – all 3 women (Lizzie, Laura and Imogene) qualifying for the sprint final, Tim also cruising in, and Gene and Shamus coming agonizingly close to joining him –  missing out by only 16 and […]

WOC2015 logo
WOC2015 Report #3 – the final countdown - 31/07/2015 10:10
By Malcolm Ingham

With D-Day, or rather S-Day, fast approaching, the last 2 days have seen our focus largely switch to the sprints with visits to Elgin, Forres and Nairn (twice) to run (through Elgin – not embargoed), walk (through Forres and Nairn – embargoed for running), and today run (through the model sprint map at Nairn). Whereas […]

WOC2015 Report #2.5 – driving technology - 30/07/2015 04:02
By Malcolm Ingham

As you may notice from the photo attached to the first report, we have a nearly new Ford 8-seater minivan as part of our transport arrangements. This wonder of driving technology comes complete with all kinds of mysterious knobs and buttons and a digital display on the dashboard which produces really useful messages for the […]

WOC2015 Report #2 – the joys of a Scottish summer - 29/07/2015 06:59
By Malcolm Ingham

Although the weather in Amsterdam may have cleared sufficiently to allow the remaining team members to join us in Inverness, the Scottish summer seems rather wet as Wednesday morning dawns with more r

Orienteering NZ Compass Point e-Newsletter – July 2015 - 28/07/2015 11:15
By Catriona McBean

President’s Rant – July 2015 Not surprisingly July has seen our young junior athletes taking all our attention. During the early part of the month, I’m sure that most of us were actively following JWOC from Norway with no indication of what was about to unfold. It’s hard to find the appropriate superlatives to acclaim […]

WOC2015 Auchnahillian
WOC2015 Report #1 – Amsterdam weather throws a spanner in the works - 27/07/2015 06:33
By Malcolm Ingham

Unfortunately, although four team members (Tim & Laura Roberston, Matt Ogden and Lizzie Ingham) along with the manager are now esconced at Auchnahillin Holiday Park just outside Inverness, the ini

JWOC Sprint Medal Holders
ONZ High Performance News – July 2015 - 24/07/2015 01:26
By Malcolm Ingham

Well what a month! Another wonderful JWOC for New Zealand highlighted by Tim Robertson’s successful defence of his sprint title, but supported in full by excellent performances by the men in the long distance and relay, and some promising progress made by the young women’s team. Now attention switches from Norway to Scotland as the […]