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Presentations from the Under 23 HP Camp
By Malcolm Ingham - Thu 15 Dec 2022 1:57pm

We were fortunate at the Under 23 Camp, held over the last week, to have three “guest” presentations. First up, last wednesday evening, was a talk from Tracey Lambrechs of Drug Free Sport New Zealand on the dos, donts, expectations, and responsibilities of athletes with regard to doping in sport. A big emphasis here on the dangers of using supplements which, in general, have little or no control over what is in them.

On Thursday evening we had Jeni Pearce from High Performance Sport NZ talk on nutrition. Again, a very useful and well received presentation which, as it may be of interest to others, you can find below

Finally on the last evening, Monday, we had a presentation from HPSNZ’s Carolyn Dodson and Nicola Lewis-Clifford on High Performance Life – basically “how do you fit HP sport into everything else?”. A really useful thing for not only the camp attendees, but any one else with an eye to the future. That presentation is below. At the camp there was a lot of interactive exercises in this, including the Stroop Test (look it up) which, unfortunately, can’t be reproduced in the pdf version.

I would like to express here my thank Tracey, Jeni, Carolyn and Nicola for taking the time to come and add some important contributions to the camp. The same applies to our main HPSNZ contact, Katherine Oberlin-Brown who visited us on Friday and came out into Woodhill with us to see orienteering training/coaching in action.

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