Proposed amendments to the ONZ Constitution
By Christo Peters - Sat 21 Jan 2023 8:51pm

ONZ is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the constitution ahead of the AGM which is being held in April 2023. Anyone wishing to provide feedback should email this to

In December 2022 Council reviewed ONZ’s constitution and made a number of small changes. Below is a summary of the changes and their intention. We are asking clubs and individuals to provide ONZ with feedback about these changes by 28 February 2023.  Feedback will be discussed by Council and the document will then be independently reviewed before being circulated to clubs to vote on at the 2023 AGM.

Key Changes to the constitution

  • The term “Council” has been replaced by “Board”. This brings ONZ in line with Orienteering Australia, but more importantly aligns with most NZ National Sports Organisations. The term “Council” is often not clearly understood as the governing body of ONZ.
  • 1.4         Section previously called “2.0 Registered Office” has been moved to section 1.4
  • 4.0         The “Objects” of ONZ have been updated. This is intended as a modernisation of the

previous version that is clearer to read.

  • 4.1a       Under “Powers & Responsibilities”, the “Board” now can appoint a General Manager

which is not in the current constitution.

  • 4.2         A new section call “Responsibilities” has been added to make clearer ONZ’s

obligations as guardians of Orienteering in New Zealand

  • 8.0         A new section called “Management” that clarifies the role of the General Manager

and ONZ Executive Committee.

View the proposed new constitution can be found here.

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