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Selection Announcement – ANZ Challenge Team 2019
By Catriona McBean - Tue 3 Sep 2019 9:08pm
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Wagga Wagga and Surrounds, 28 September to 6 October 2019

The Australia – New Zealand Challenge will take place as part of the Oceania Championships held in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia.

Anna Duston (subject to fitness)
Emily Hayes (Sprint)
Penelope Salmon (Relay, Long, Middle)
Zara Stewart
16Luke Clements
Ryan Moore
Felix Williamson
Cara Bradding
Amy Culham
Sylvie Frater
18Tom Harding
Patrick Hayes
Ayrton Shadbolt
Marina Comeskey
Katie Cory-Wright (Relay, Long, Middle)
Briana Steven
Tessa Burns (Sprint)
20Oliver Egan
Scott Smith
Will Tidswell
Lizzie Ingham
Ellie Molloy (Sprint)
Lara Molloy (Relay, Long, Middle)
Imogene Scott
21Cameron de l’Isle
Gene Beveridge
Matt Ogden (Long, Middle)
Tommy Hayes (Sprint, Relay)
Louise Borton
Ocean Mercier
Sara Prince
40Craig Pelvin
Aaron Prince
Andrew Scott
Jenni Adams
Susan Edwards
Sarah Wright
45Matt Bixley
Rob Murphy
Tim Wright
Marquita Gelderman
Kay Knightbridge (Long, Middle)
Bronwyn Rosie (Sprint, Relay)
Mary Wadsworth
50Alistair Cory-Wright
Bill Edwards
Dave Crofts
Lyn Stanton
Genevieve Webb
Kirsty Clayton
55Greg Barbour
Guy Cory-Wright
Jeff Greenwood
Jean Cory-Wright
Gillian Ingham (Long, Middle)
Carey Martin
Phillippa Poole (Sprint, Relay)
60Martin Crosby
Geoff Mead
Malcolm Ingham (Long, Middle)
Bruce Peat (Sprint, Relay)
No team70Rob Garden
Dave Middleton
Alistair Stewart


In accordance with the ONZ Selection Policy, if no appeals are received within 48hours of this provisional team announcement, the team will be confirmed as listed above.

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