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By Catriona McBean - Tue 5 Apr 2016 1:50pm
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WOC 2016 Sweden

Orienteering NZ logo5 April 2016 – Updated


The World Orienteering Championships for 2016 will be held in Stromstad-Tonum, Sweden from 20-28 August 2016.

Selection Criteria

The 2016 WOC Team will be held based on the following selection events:

Primary Selection event – Orienteering New Zealand Championships, Nelson, 25-28 March 2016


Overseas-based athletes who are unable to return to New Zealand for these events should nominate in advance up to 3 suitable events (between 1 February and 31 March 2016), of at least WRE status, to be taken into consideration.


[as per the Orienteering Policy G1 – Selection Policy approved December 2014].

  • The following selection criteria shall be applied by the respective Selection Panel when selecting a team.
  • The objective of selection is to select a team which is likely to produce the most successful results at the competition for which athletes are being selected.
  • Selection shall be either by performance in nominated selection trials or selection events when trials are deemed necessary, or Known Form (as defined in clause 3.5) if no trial is required.
  • Where selection is based on a trial and the trial course or event is invalidated, selection may be based on Known Form.
  • Known Form will include the athlete’s recent performances in high standard events in New Zealand and/or overseas; previous performance in New Zealand representative teams; and likely performance in the anticipated competition terrains.


All orienteers interested in selection for the 2016 WOC team shall notify their interest, year of birth, and cell phone number to the Convenor of Selectors Al Cory-Wright (jean.al@xtra.co.nz) by 1 March 2016.


Note that from 2016 Orienteering New Zealand has set a standard Athlete Contribution fee for teams selected for major events.

WOC 2016 Athlete Contribution

As agreed at the 2016 AGM in St Arnaud on 26 March 2016, the previously notified Athlete Contribution for the 2016 WOC team, has been withdrawn.

Athletes will be required to pay an Athlete Contribution for WOC 2016 but this will be set once the costs of the event have been confirmed.  Athletes may be required to pay a deposit prior to the competition as partial payment towards the Athlete Contribution.

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