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15 December 2015


Selection Criteria


The World University Orienteering Championships for 2016 will be held in Miskolc, Hungary 30 July – 4 August 2016.


The 2016 WUOC Team will be based on the following selection events:


Primary Selection event

2016 Orienteering NZ National Championships


Overseas-based athletes who are unable to return to New Zealand for the trial events will be judged on their Known Form.


WUOC Eligibility Criteria

  1. Athletes have to be students who are currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at the University or similar institute whose status is recognized by the appropriate national academic authority or their country, or former students who have obtained their academic degree or diploma in the year 2015;
  2. Must be at least 17 and less than 28 years of age on January 1st, 2016 (date of birth must be between January 1st, 1988 and December 31st, 1998); and
  3. Must have a full passport-holding citizenship of the country they represent.


Each country may enter a team consisting of up to 12 competitors (6 woman and 6 men) and 4 team officials.

Maximum number of competitors per country in disciplines:

  • Sprint 4 men and 4 women
  • Middle Distance 4 men and 4 women
  • Long Distance 4 men and 4 women
  • Mixed Sprint Relay 1 team (order of runners: woman – man – man – woman
  • Relay 2 men’s team (3 leg) and 2 woman’s team (3 leg)


[as per the Orienteering Policy G1 – Selection Policy approved December 2014].

  • The following selection criteria shall be applied by the respective Selection Panel when selecting a team.
  • The objective of selection is to select a team which is likely to produce the most successful results at the competition for which athletes are being selected.
  • Selection shall be either by performance in nominated selection trials or selection events when trials are deemed necessary, or Known Form (as defined in clause 3.5) if no trial is required.
  • Where selection is based on a trial and the trial course or event is invalidated, selection may be based on Known Form.
  • Known Form will include the athlete’s recent performances in high standard events in New Zealand and/or overseas; previous performance in New Zealand representative teams; and likely performance in the anticipated competition terrains.


All orienteers interested in selection for the 2016 WUOC team shall notify their interest, year of birth, and cell phone number to the Convenor of Selectors Al Cory-Wright ( by 1 March 2016.



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