Summer orienteering camps
By Christo Peters - Sat 1 Jul 2023 5:43pm

At the end of the year our juniors head off to camps for an immersive orienteering experience, bringing together our young from around NZ to make young people’s involvement in the sport  fun and engaging. These camps are designed to challenge, but also support our young athletes, as they grow their  skills. All camps will have several days of skill development. More details will be in July Compass Point.

There are three camps. One is parent led and the other two are supported and run by Orienteering NZ:

Youth summer camp for school years 5- 8  Dec 15-17 2023
The most junior of the camps is a parent-led camp initiative for school years 5-8. It  is entirely separate from Orienteering NZ and is not an ONZ-led camp. It runs on enthusiasm and creating an experience for our younger orienteering youth. Many parents are required to turn-up and be hands-on throughout the camp to help organise activities in small groups. The fundamentals of orienteering are on offer, with practical tips and practical exercises  to apply skills throughout the camp.

ONZ junior camp for school years 9 -12  Dec 14-20 2023
You can expect a very energetic and interactive week at the ONZ Junior Camp. There is an emphasis on technique and growth, in a fun and friendly environment, inclusive of all skill levels. Rangitahi / teenagers socialise as they accelerate their learning with a variety of navigational skills and experiences. The sessions extend young orienteers’ abilities and introduce them to a range of terrain, building confidence. A wide variety of extra activities are fitted in the week, often an exploration or a water activity. One potential selling point for this year’s Camps is the likely inclusion of both Tim Robertson and Emma Bjssmo in the coaching team. The couple will be visiting New Zealand from December and Tim has expressed an interest getting involved in the coaching in an event which he says was always a highlight for him.

ONZ U23 HP camp  Dec 7-14 2023
The ONZ high performance camp aims to deliver a programme that maximises our junior elites, helping them develop them into the best they can be. It is an intensive week with many training opportunities, great coaching advice and building a common connection as a group.  Resources and advice are shared from our top athletes and coaches, using online training and research that will accelerate and inspire all to achieve a top kiwi performance. 

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