World Cup 2024 | Round 1 & 2 Selection Announcement
By Christo Peters - Mon 25 Mar 2024 8:22pm

World Cup No. 1 – Olten Switzerland,  24th-26th May, Knockout Sprint, Individual Sprint

World Cup No. 2 – Verona, Italy, 1st-2nd June, Individual Sprint, Sprint Relay

The following athletes have been selected to represent New Zealand conditional to these athletes having no unpaid fees owing to Orienteering NZ.


Nathan Borton (travel to Europe to be confirmed – dependent on JWOC selection)

Joseph Lynch

Tim Robertson

Toby Scott

Reserve: Kieran Woods


Amber Riddle

Laura Robertson

Penelope Salmon

Briana Steven

Alistair Cory-Wright
ONZ Senior Selection Panel.

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