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By Malcolm Ingham - Mon 8 Jun 2015 9:28am

Big fields of 127 in the men and 103 in the women, containing nearly all the top runners contested the WC Middle Distance held north of Gothernburg. The complex, technical terrain is similar to that to be used for WOC2016.

In terrain far more familiar to the Scandinavians and other northern Europenas, the eight New Zealanders found it tough going, although Matt Ogden’s 50th in the men and Lizzie Ingham’s 40th in the women, both about 6 minutes off the pace, were still very good results in fields of this strength.

The men’s race was won by perennial middle distance star Thierry Gueorgiou of France in 39-46, 25 seconds ahead of local William Lind with Swiss Matthias Kyburz in 3rd. Sweden’s Helena Jansson was c lear women’s winner nearly 2 minutes ahead of Ukraine’s Nadiya Volynska with two more Swedes, Emma Johansson and Tove Alexandersson in 3rd and 4th.


Men:  1. Thierry Gueorgiou FRA 39:46, 2. William Lind SWE 40:11, 3. Matthias Kyburz SUI 40:19, 4. Daniel Hubmann SUI 41:19, 5. Olle Bostrom SWE 41:27, 6. Fabian Hertner SUI 41:29, 50. Matt Ogden NZL 45:52, 84. Tim Robertson NZL 49:56, 98. Ross Morrison NZL 52:23, 101. Shamus Morrison 53:48, 112. Toby Scott NZL 56:13.

Women: 1. Helena Jansson SWE 35:28, 2. Nadiya Volynska UKR 37:09, 3. Emma Johansson SWE 37:12, 4. Tove Alexandersson SWE 37:26, 5. Saila Kinni FIN 37:31, 6. Sarina Jenzer SUI 37:42, 40. Lizzie Ingham NZL 41:56, 87. Kate Morrison 50:20, Laura Robertson NZL mp.



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