World Cup |Round Two, Genoa Italy | 1-2 June 
By Christo Peters - Mon 1 Jul 2024 8:39pm
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World Cup |Round Two, Genoa Italy | 1-2 June 

Sprint – 1 June
Tim tackled a challenging map in the individual sprint race with composure, pushing hard to secure 7th place. The race began with a highly technical garden section and a steep hill, descending into the older town buildings. Amber noted similarities to the Wellington Botanic Gardens map at the start, while Laura appreciated the heightened technicality of the course and map compared to the Olten urban event the previous weekend. Joseph celebrated breaking into the top 20 and achieving a personal milestone by surpassing a Swedish competitor. Extensive preparation the night before with meticulous studying of previous maps had paid off for the team.

Sprint result women:
41st Laura Robertson 17:25 +2.25
93rd Briana Steven 20.03 +5.03
104th Amber Riddle 21:41 +6:41

Sprint result men:
7th Tim Robertson 15:08 +0:41
20th Joseph Lynch 15:27 +1:00
98th Nathan Borton 18:30 +4:03

Sprint relay – 2 June
Round 2 of the World Cup in Genoa, Italy concluded with an exhilarating sprint relay with forest paths, and urban garden sections. Every athlete pushed their limits up the hill and then downhill into the old town buildings. Both teams completed the course flawlessly, finishing 28th and 39th respectively. The first three runners of the official team delivered outstanding performances, reminiscent of last year’s sprint relay in Czechia, boosting the confidence of the entire WOC team regarding New Zealand’s sprint relay prospects. By the changeover to the fourth leg, New Zealand held 12th place overall and was the 8th nation team, excluding a few second nation teams. 

NZL relay team: 1st Laura Robertson, 2nd Jospeh Lynch, 3rd Tim Robertson, 4th Brian Steven
Result:  28th 1:05:24 +4:30
After leg 1: 15th +0.47
After leg 2: 10th +0.38
After leg 3:  12th +1:10

NZL / AUS / GBR relay team:  1st Amber Riddle, 2nd Nathan Borton, 3rd Henry McNulty (AUS) , 4th Mairi Eades (GBR) 
Result: 39th  1.10.10  +9.16

IOF interview with Tim Robertson  and Laura Robertson 

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