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World Orienteering Week
By Christo Peters - Sun 4 Feb 2024 10:14pm
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Did you know that World orienteering day has become World Orienteering Week? Anything held between 18 – 26 May 2024 can be registered.  It’s a chance to try something new; maybe a short micro sprint or maze for your local school, or longer score rogaine, or score event, or a encouraging pairs in any style of  competition. A bonus is that the World Orienteering Week partner OCAD AG offers a free OCAD Starter License for everyone that pre-registered a WOW event. As yet not one from any NZ has registered an event on the WOW website. Waikato’s Rugged Rogaine and North West’ Bivoac Rogaines could be put on the worldwide register for example.  You  could have the first event in the world and get some exposure. 
What to do:

1. Preregister a WOW event at https://worldorienteeringweek.com/

2. Send an email with the name of the WOW 2024 event to wow@orienteering.sport

3. Wait for the OCAD Starter License information that you will receive from WOW

4. Start the preparations

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