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Year 5-8 Junior Camp
By Joolz - Fri 21 Oct 2022 11:00pm

Orienteers in school year 5-8 are invited to a training camp in Rotorua, 17th – 20th December 2022.
Cost for accommodation, food and maps $250

Travel to Rotorua is extra, and some activities may have an additional cost – these will be optional and costs will be advised to participants closer to the camp.

Closing date for registering is 15th November.

Register through https://forms.gle/eWXAez7NNpxK1P8ZA

We have booked accommodation and catering at Keswick Camp.

We will require some adult support – please provide one adult for every five children from your area. Accommodation and food will be subsidised for accompanying adults but there will be some cost, exact amounts which will only be available later.

Enquiries to Jenni Adams juniorOcamp@gmail.com

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