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2023 NZ MTBO Champs | Christchurch
By Christo Peters - Sun 18 Dec 2022 10:16pm

PAPO will host the 2023 NZ MTBO champs on maps close to Christchurch, including 2 new maps. All locations are within 45mins drive from Christchurch airport. 

Provisional programme (subject to landowner approval) for the NZ MTBO champs 2023:

  • Morning Saturday 29 April  |  Middle distance  |  Bottle Lake.
  • Afternoon Saturday 29 April   |  Sprint distance,  |  Christchurch red zone (new map).
  • Sunday 30  April   |  Long Distance,  |  The Willows (new map).

Prior to this weekend (on Anzac day – Tue 25th April), there will be a 3hr / 6hr MTBO rogaine in Christchurch Port Hills also organised by PAPO. This is an additional event and is not part of the NZ MTBO champs., details here

There is tons of riding to be enjoyed before or after the champs. Checkout local areas here

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