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By Christo Peters - Sun 12 May 2024 9:32pm
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New event levy system for 2024

All events running from 1 January 2024 are subject to the new levy system. All event participation must be reported regardless of if a levy is being paid or not (e.g. fundraising events awarded event levy exceptions and those which no entry fee is charged). The new levy system applies to clubs and individuals as well other organisations running events on behalf of ONZ affiliated clubs.

Reporting deadlines for Club Levy returns 
These remain unchanged. Clubs are expected to submit levy returns by the following dates:

  • Levy return 1 due May 31 (reporting all events between 1 Jan and 30 Apr)
  • Levy return 2 due Sep 30 (reporting all events between 1 May and 31 Aug)
  • Levy return 3 due Jan 31 (reporting all events between 1 Sep and 31 Dec from the previous year)

Key changes for the new system

The new system differs from the previous system in three key ways:

  1. There is now one single 20% levy to be used across all orienteering disciplines including Foot O, MTBO, Rogaine, Schools…
  2. All school year levels (years 1-8 and 9-13) are covered by the 20% levy.
  3. There are a limited number of exceptions that can be applied for and approved in advance.

Event levies for ‘bundled events’

Where the cost of the annual membership fee is bundled to include entry fees for a number of events, this portion of the membership fee is subject to event levies. Payments for bundled events can be paid in a lumpsum or event-by-event if clubs choose to do so.

Is Grant Income included in levies?

Where a club secures a grant for the specific purpose of offering participants free or significantly subsidised entry to an event, the value of that grant shall be deemed to part be entry fee income and levies are expected to be paid on that.

Non-member participation fee

Entries to major A level events, including (but not limited to) National Champs, Regional Champs, Oceania Champs (but excluding NZSSC and other schools events), under Competition Rule 6.2, are permitted by those who are not members of ONZ or an IOF member organisation, upon payment of a “Non-member participation fee”. This is also referred to as a “One-event participation fee” in other documents. Whilst the minimum fee is set by Orienteering NZ Council, it is added to the event entry fees paid to the organizing club, and included as part of the total entry fee income for levy calculation purposes. Current minimum participation fees per day are:

• Junior $5.00
• Senior $10.00
• Family $25.00

In the case of multi-day events, the non-member participation fee must be paid for each separate competition entered.

Items Event Levies are not paid on

  • Fees which clubs earn from map hire to other entities
  • Fees which clubs earn from hiring out club equipment, such as Sport Ident
  • Income from items such as merchandising, food, etc.
  • Gate fees to areas used for orienteering, which are clearly separate from the costs associated with running an event.
  • Training events and camps
  • Some fundraising events (as per below).
  • Helpers and volunteers of schools events who also participate in those events, and who typically do not pay an entry fee.

Landowner levy exception Clubs who are subject to excessively high land owner fees that form a large portion of overall event costs, can apply for a land access fee exemption from ONZ.

Fundraising event exceptions

Where clubs wish to put on fundraising event/s as a means of offering financial assistance for member/s selected to represent NZ in major competitions overseas, the ONZ levy will be waived under the following conditions:

• That the recipient of fundraised funds has been selected to represent NZ overseas in WOC, JWOC, WMTBOC, or WJMTBOC, and that the funds will be used towards the travel cost component of travelling overseas only.
• That there is no personal gain to any person, outside the intent to offer financial assistance towards travel costs of travelling athletes.
• That they are a paid member of the orienteering club and ONZ.
• That the fundraising event is a unique event put on for the specific purpose of fundraising, and not part of the normal event calendar.
• That the allocation and distribution of funds is decided by an independent committee of at least 3 club representatives, who have no conflict of interest and are not related to the recipient.
• That any person from within the club who meets the criteria for financial support (above) is included in the fund allocation process.
• That the ownership and control of the event remains with the club.
• That the number of fundraising event/s which a club hosts is limited to one per year (additional fundraising events to support selected athlete travel may be agreed with ONZ where clubs have a high number of selected athletes).

Clubs and members that choose to undertake fundraising events outside these criteria can do so, however these events will attract the standard ONZ event levy as per this policy.

Applying for a Landowner or Fundraising Exception.

Please email to request an exception. This will need to be done at least a month before event fees are made public to allow the ONZ Board’s Exec Committee to meet and consider the application. Please include in your email a brief explanation why the exception is being applied for and how it meets the criteria above.


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