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View from the Chair – January 2024
By Christo Peters - Mon 5 Feb 2024 9:17pm

It’s such a privilege to be able to lead the board of a sport that has given me so much over the years: friends, experiences and fun times on a map. If you don’t know me well, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ORIENTEERING!! At the top of the Board’s list for the start of the year was signing off the business plan and budget. I guess for most it may seem a bit boring, but this year with input from the club and president’s forum, we are putting more emphasis on creating resources for clubs and more technical support through training opportunities such as controllers clinics led by ONZ.

The summer trial for ONZ led by PAPO for the summer coaches-in-residence has been great and ONZ is keen to do this again next summer. It’s a great opportunity for our juniors and club orienteers to get exposed to international orienteers. This summer they helped in clubs across the country from Auckland all the way down to Invercargill. Clubs who are keen to benefit next summer will be given an opportunity later in the year once planning is underway.

We’ve had some movement in personnel at ONZ with Malcolm stepping down as High Performance Lead and Michael stepping down as Events Liaison. Both have worked hard in these roles to further orienteering at club, national and international level and their effort and enthusiasm will be sorely missed.

Sarah O’Sullivan   |   ONZ Board Chair

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