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Roger Woodroofe

Hi Jane,

The answer would make a great coaching OrienteeringNZ blog post! I cant help with your request for a contact person. I’m sure its not just orienteering specific or sports specific.

As a collector of books I suggest some may contain helpful tips/techniques. This is just one example of factors which may impact concentration/focus.

  1. Carol McNeill’s 2010 book – “Crowood Sports Guides – Orienteering” chapter 14, Pg116 mentions ‘distraction by others’ in a list of “Some of the Demons of Concentration”. There are quite a few references in the index relating to concentration. Pg 67 ‘Loss of Concentration’ section mentions using trigger words to help and refer to Chapter 14.
  2. The 2010 book “Sport Motivation – Training your mind for Peak Performance” by Ken Hodge. http://search.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz/?q=Sport%20motivation&refx=&uilang=en I picked up an earlier 1994 edition of this book in a clearance sale. I see there is a 2004 and a 2010 paperback edition. You can see a select list of his publications and contact details here http://physed.otago.ac.nz/staff/khodge.html (He may be able to suggest a student with an interest in the area?)
  3. http://search.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz/?itemid=|library/marc/supercity-iii|b2735161

There are likely other books in local libraries with keywords/titles like “sport focus” “sport concentration” and online resources too.