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Updated 23 June 2018

The Health and Safety at work Act 2015 was passed into law (4 April 2016).  This Act has thrown into to doubt the liability of Orienteering clubs when they carry out their activities. Many landowners and event partners, Local or Regional Councils, and landowners/managers (all of whom are PCBUs) may carry out due diligence and ask clubs to provide evidence that they have taken all reasonable and practical steps by way of a Health and Safety Plan, to keep everyone involved (participants, mappers, organisers, and public) safe. This Safety Management Plan is designed to assist clubs to carry out their obligations and provide ready to use templates for day to day use.

What do you do if there is a lost child, a major injury, or a serious illness?  What strategies does your club have in place if these incidences happen, and how can we prevent them from happening now and in the future? These questions are answered in the Safety management plan.

We hope this system will provide a standard system all that clubs will use to make it easy to carry out our sport safely.

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The Harm form is the core of the ONZ Safety Management Plan. It provides all the base information required for event safety. It is the go-to document for event organisers. It lists hazards and management strategies where there is a risk of significant harm.
It can also be used to provide landowners/managers and others that require proof of our safety commitment. These are forms you can download and fill in the various fields.
The Event Emergency and Hazard Identification notices shall be displayed at all events as a quick reference for organisers, participants, and the general public. Event Emergency Notice  (DOC)


Hazard Identification Notice (DOC)

The Missing Person Plan is a comprehensive guide of what to do if a participant is overdue. Missing Person Plan   (PDF)
An easy to use online form to report incidents, so we can update our safety plan. Online Accident Reporting

Reference Resources

This is the comprehensive plan. It provides ONZ an audited and structured plan to comply with the Act.
It will be used to provide proof of our compliance to major organisations like Councils and Forestry companies
This document contains standard/safety operating procedures for events. This is under development and will evolve over time. Events Manual  (PDF)
This lists all the major hazards our sport is likely to encounter and how to manage them. This is where the Harm Form hazards are drawn from if deemed serious enough. ONZ Hazard Register  (PDF)
ONZ formal commitment to health and safety in Orienteering. ONZ Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

Emergency Response

Contact Details
General Manager: Christo Peters (027) 714 0915
Event Liaison: Russell Higham (027) 626 7384

Below is the emergency plan at the bottom of each HARM form
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Incident Management Flowchart

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View Incidents Here

Click this link to view reports of incidents eg Missing Children, injuries.

Reference Resources


If your club would like Risk Management advice, or you have comments on the ONZ Safety Management Plan, please contact Russell Higham;


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