Health & Safety

This section is currently under review and the revised documents will be published when available.

Refer to “A3 – Health & Safety” in ONZ Policies and Procedure manual

Are you interested in Safety Management?  We want your help.

The Health and Safety at work Act 2015 has been passed into law (4 April 2016). This has created doubt in many of us as to what the ramifications of the Act are.

As part of my role as ONZ Event Liaison I have been tasked with the creation of a Safety Management System (SMS) for ONZ and affiliated clubs to make it as clear as possible what we must do to keep people safe.

This involves setting ONZ Policy, documentation, processes, role responsibilities, hazard identification etc.

For clubs we will provide easy to use check lists, safe operating procedures, templates, safety notices, emergency procedures.

Part of the above process includes consulting with interested people within our sport to contribute to the SMS creation.

If you are interested contributing please contact Russell Higham;

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