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    Anna Robertson

    I have been looking around the new website and having trouble finding the following information: Selection notices (giving advice on when athletes need to advise the convenor of selectors if they are available for up-coming events) Selected teams (the current JWOC team isn’t on the website) Information as to whether the Queens Birthday event is an Aussie/NZ test match & a ‘Situations vacant’ – eg is the NZSS or World Cup Team manager position being advertised?
    I typed in ‘selection’ in the search area, but it only brought up an old selection advice notice for the JWOC team.


    Simon Addison

    Hi Anna

    Thanks for raising these issues – I can answer a few of these points for you:

    – With the new website we are looking to “tag” Situations Vacant, Team Selections and the like.  Also we will tag the respective teams for these scenarios.  The roles you ask about have yet to be advertised for.
    – We are currently having a few issues with the “tagging” of News items and Roger is currently looking into this functionality




    Roger Woodroofe

    Hi Anna,

    Tags have been added and updated. Tags are like index entries at the back of a book. If you click on a tag it will show you a list of posts newest to oldest which have been tagged with that word. A small change added today is the tags now display as a tag cloud. They can be found in the right hand column near the bottom of the page. The tag cloud may move up the page if people request that. (We welcome all suggestions). The font size of the tag gives an indication of how many posts include that tag.

    • To find selection notices, click on “Selection”.  This will include all selection notices and selection announcements.
    • “Selected teams” can be found by scrolling through under the event tag (such as “JWOC”) or the tag “selection” , or the tag “Teams”. The JWOC group will include links to these too.
    • “Information as to whether the Queens Birthday event is an Aussie/NZ test match” I think this will need to be announced by a post to the website through the usual ONZ news flow and/or from the event organisers. The event organisers could also includes extra details and images in the actual event listing as soon as they know if it is included.
    • “Situations vacant” The first new vacancy has just been posted today under the tag “vacancies”. Today a vacancies page has been added in the resources menu which will be updated.

    The new website is live and it will evolve and become more established over time. We are adding content and improvements as fast as we can and welcome everyone to add content and let us know any feedback or issues by contacting [email protected]





    Anna Robertson

    Hi Simon & Roger
    Thanks for your replies – although it took me a while to realise that there had been a reply (as I am used to the Maptalk system of the ‘unread mail’ symbol indicating there was a new post) However, I now see that under ‘recent chat’ it does show the date/time of the latest post under the chat heading – so I will keep an eye on that in the future.
    My preference would be that the tag cloud was further up the side bar – instead of scrolling down a computer screen to find it, as this tends to be the link I use most often.
    A tiny ‘fix up’ suggestion for the tag cloud – did you realise ‘schools’ is written twice and there is an American spelling of the word Scholarship?
    I am looking forward to seeing the ONZ site being used more & more.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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