MOC’s new van reveal
By Christo Peters - Sun 4 Feb 2024 9:50pm

When Nelson decided they wanted a new gear trailer, their nearby sister club – Marlborough Orienteering Club (MOC) jumped at the chance to take on a cheap 25 year old trailer and renovate it. MOC liked the fact that it opened up on both sides like an instant marquee. Stephen Bradley took it home, and his son fixed the mechanics on the wheels, whilst Stephen got to work scraping off paint. He found it once was a market trailer probably originally used for the Nelson markets, but the paintwork was not ideal. It needed a cover-up with paint and the colour to hand was beige. To stop the boring beige look – it was suggested by his son Owen to paint contours on it. The contours were inspired by the local map Cape Campbell on one side, but the design then crept all the way around the van, but it does look like the rough open country that Marlborough has plenty of. It also has a military look suitable for those who live near the Blenheim area. Stephen says not to look “too closely at the paintwork… but it looks good at a distance”. The trailer is awaiting the MOC branding and a couple of sponsors logos. Guess the map scale! 

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