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Selection Notice – World Orienteering Championships 2024 - The World Orienteering Championships 2024 are scheduled to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 12-16 July 2024. WOC will consist of an individual sprint, a knock-out sprint, and a sprint relay. Selection CriteriaAs per the Orienteering NZ G1 Selection Policy the 2024 WOC team will be selected on the basis of For New Zealand based […]
ONZ Compass Point News banner - Oct 23 Compass Point – October 2023 - Read the full post at https://mailchi.mp/orienteering.org.nz/compass-point-october-2023 M e m b e r   n e w s   &   v i e w s   |   O C T O B E R   2 0 2 3U p d a t eNotes from the GMView from the ChairE v e n t   R e vi e wEuropean Championships (EOC)Polite Swiss precision wins […]
ONZ High Performance News #106 – October 2023 - Although, domestically, the re-scheduled ONZ Championships in Hawke’s Bay has taken centre stage, and is reported on, there is interesting results, and news, out of Europe. Prime among this is the identification of actual areas for WOC2024 in Edinburgh. Preparations for both the Oceania Sprint Champs and the Under 23 Camp are also underway.                                                                                                                                                Malcolm […]
Compass Point 50 years Orienteering NZ Compass Point – September 2023 - Read more at: https://mailchi.mp/orienteering.org.nz/compass-point-september-2023 M e m b e r n e w s & v i e w s | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 3 U p d a t eNotes from the GMView from the Chair E v e n t R e vi e […]
Selection Notice WUOC 2024 - The World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) 2024 will be held in Bankso, Bulgaria from 1-5 August 2024. WUOC will consist of individual sprint, middle, and long distance races, a sprint relay and a forest relay. Competitors must satisfy the following conditions: • Athletes must be at least 18 and less than 25 years of age […]
Selection Notice EYOC 2024 - The European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) 2024 will be held in Szcsecin, Poland from 21-24 June 2024. EYOC will consist of individual sprint and long distance races, and a forest relay. Classes are M-18, W-18, M-16 and W-16. New Zealand is allowed up to 4 athletes in each class. Selection Criteria As per the Orienteering […]
Selection Notice JWOC 2024 - The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) 2024 will be held in Pilsen, Czechia from 30 June – 7 July 2024. JWOC will consist of individual sprint, middle, and long distance races, a sprint relay and a forest relay. Selection Criteria As per the Orienteering NZ G1 Selection Policy the 2024 JWOC team will be selected […]
Orienteering NZ Compass Point Compass Point – August 2023 - Read more at: https://mailchi.mp/orienteering.org.nz/compass-point-august-2023 M e m b e r n e w s & v i e w s | A U G U S T 2 0 2 3 U p d a t eNotes from the GMView from the Chair E v e n t R e vi e wOrienteering World Cup […]
Orienteering NZ Compass Point Compass Point – June 2023 - Read more at: https://mailchi.mp/orienteering.org.nz/compass-point-june-2023 M e m b e r n e w s & v i e w s | J U N E 2 0 2 3 U p d a t eNotes from the GMView from the Chair E v e n t R e vi e w2023 Hillary Challenge Finalists E […]
ONZ Compass Ppint Compass Point – April 2023 - Member news & views | APRIL 2023 UpdateNotes from the GMView from the Chair Event ReviewUS JWOC trialsEaster 4 daysKiwis podium in UK JK2022 Southern Cross challenge Coming eventsKing’s Birthday & Tūāraki-Northern Regional ChampionshipsUniversity of Canterbury Orienteering Club’s UltralongHigh performanceHP news Sport2022 Orienteering New Zealand Award RecipientsEYOC, JWOC, and WOC Teams NamedIn memorium MTBOAlexandra MTBO […]

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Change of heart revitalises top orienteer (Newsroom) Change of heart revitalises top orienteer (Newsroom) - Cardiac arrest and open heart surgery haven't slowed down top Kiwi orienteer Lizzie Ingham, who's on her way to her yet another world championship, Merryn Anderson writes.
Orienteers Sprint Orienteering NSL Round 1 Headcam videos - For those interested here is the link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb_AJm6VxDu6CJgArBqA59vZ1CAMUGltw to the headcam videos taken by Joseph Lynch as he generally blitzed the field last weekend.
NSL Round 1, Race 3 & 4 Review - Clean sweep for Lynch Dominating performances all weekend gave Joseph Lynch the perfect start to the Inaugural National Sprint Series (NSL). The Christchurch based athlete proved unbeatable, posting two further wins in Sunday’s double header sprints held in Levin to round out the clean sweep. The first race of the day at Levin Primary, Intermediate […]
NSL Round 1, Race 2 Review - Salmon Punches BackAuckland’s Penelope Salmon (U20) waited until the final few controls to deliver the knock out blow today at the NSL Round 1 Knock Out Sprint. Sprinting to the win by a mere 0.3sec over Lizzie Ingham, Salmon fired her counter punch after the forked section of the course, hunting down and passing Ingham […]
NSL Round 1, Race 1 Review - Ingham and Lynch Resume Service Freyberg High School and Pit Park in Palmerston North provided the backdrop for the first ever National Sprint League (NSL) race this evening. While the map and series may be brand new, our victors were certainly not – both Joseph Lynch and Lizzie Ingham picking up where they left off […]
NSL Round 1 Preview: Turbo Sprint Weekend - Palmerston North and Levin will play host to the first round of the 2022 National Sprint League (NSL). A busy weekend awaits competitors with the program including 3 sprint distance events and a 4 race knock out sprint event, all to be held on challenging campus and parkland maps. Friday evening opens proceedings with a […]
Everything you want to know about Knock Out Sprints Everything you wanted to know about Knock-Out Sprints Discussion Session - Orienteering Australia have been running regular high performance Zoom meetings discussing various topics. This week Orienteering NZ’s performance leader Malcolm Ingham lead the discussion covering the IOF recently introduced Knock-Out Sprint format. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get involved. Links: IOF Website – 3rd Sprint Format Heat Selection video […]
ONZ Under 23 High-Performance Camp | 6-11 December 2020 - This year the U23 camp, which was a day shorter than in previous years, started on the Sunday evening of 6 December with a brief introductory talk given by Malcolm Ingham. This gives the rationale for the camp and emphasised the big step required to go from successful junior orienteering in New Zealand/ Australia to […]
Al Cory-Wright competing in the orienteering Sprint champs at the MastersGames in Auckland 2017 What does a convenor of selectors do? - Alistair Cory-Wright has been a national selector for about 9 years, taking on the role after the long time Convenor of Selectors Marquita Gelderman stepped down in 2011 from the 3 person panel. Geoff Greenwood became the Convenor of Selectors, and Bill Edwards filled the other position. Al distinctly remembers when he was on the […]
Leg by Leg #1 Leg By Leg #1 – Hogs Back Ultralong - Leg by Leg is where a guest takes us through a recent orienteering course in detail. We’ll discover what they found most challenging and how they handled, or didn’t handle, these challenges. We aim to cover all levels of experience in the series. Hogs Back Ultralong was on 05/09/2020. The episode is most suitable for […]

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