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High Performance News #69 – September 2020 - At last, after several months in abeyance, an event (the Ultralong, to report on! Not only that but the renewed prospect of the ONZ Champs at Labour Weekend (even without the relay) and hopefully more to come after that. So, sit back, take a deep breath, and read on….                                                                                                                                                             Malcolm Ingham ([email protected]) Ultralong The […]
ONZ to select 2020 NZSS Team at Nationals 2020 New Zealand Secondary School Paper Team to be chosen at Nationals - Orienteering NZ is pleased to announce that a paper NZSS team will be named following this year’s New Zealand Orienteering Championships (Nationals 2020).  The reason for naming a paper team, the event that the team will be chosen at, and the criteria for selection have been taken into consideration in reaching this decision. The suggestion […]
National O League 2020 – Live tracking for Ultralong on Saturday - Following its enforced COVID-19 break, the National O League resumes on Saturday with the Ultralong on Hogsback near Castle Hill. Live tracking will be available for selected runners in both M21E and W21E. The link for M21E is https://log.gl/0dhj-g , while that for W21E is https://log.gl/HL2euA W21E will go live at 11.05 and M21E at […]
Compass Point - Orienteering New Zeland's Member Newsletter ONZ Compass Point – August 2020 - GM’s Foreword Hi all, Welcome to the August issue of Compass Point. Orienteering continues to try and function in difficult times. The escalation of Covid19 levels from the level one we were quickly used to has definitely made things more challenging. Tomorrow [Mon 31 Aug 2020] all of New Zealand will be at level 2 […]
High Performance News #67 – July 2020 - Firstly my apologies….although I sent out the pdf version of this News last weekend, as I didn’t have full internet I forgot about this Web version. If there are any avid readers out there who wondered where it was, read on….. As events pick up in New Zealand but second waves of Covid-19 hit many […]
Orienteering NZ - Find Your Adventure High Performance News #66 – June 2020 - Three weeks into Level 1 and signs of orienteering life, at least in New Zealand, are starting to emerge. PAPO were first off the mark with an OY on 14 June attended by about 175 people. More local events have taken place around the country including Bay of Plenty, Palmerston North and Wellington. The Auckland […]
High Performance News #65 – May 2020 - Well, if I thought April was difficult to find anything to write about, it was nothing on May! However, as (touch wood) the drop to Level 1 appears just over the horizon there is now at least the opportunity for some forward planning for what remains of the 2020 orienteering season. Read on. Malcolm Ingham […]
WOC2020 WOC2020 Cancelled - The IOF has announced that WOC2020 rescheduled for October in Denmark has now been cancelled. The full IOF announcement is here: https://orienteering.sport/nokian-tyres-world-orienteering-championships-2020-and-european-orienteering-championships-2021-cancelled/ . IOF has attempted to reschedule what would have been the first sprint only WOC, including apparently trying to incorporate a sprint into WOC2021 in Czech Republic, but have been unable to find […]
Orienteering NZ - Find Your Adventure High Performance News #64 – April 2020 - After 5+ years of writing HP News this is the first time I have had to put one together with absolutely no actual events or training camps to report on! It leaves me therefore to at least keep people up to date, as far as possible, with the likely implications for domestic and international orienteering […]
Orienteering NZ - Find Your Adventure WOC 2020 and JWOC 2020 Update - At present it is still the intention of IOF that WOC2020 and JWOC2020 will be held in October. A final decision on this will be made by IOF by 1 July. Given the continuing situation with COVID-19, both domestically and internationally, ONZ will not make any final decisions about participation or team selections for these […]

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Leg by Leg #1 Leg By Leg #1 – Hogs Back Ultralong - Leg by Leg is where a guest takes us through a recent orienteering course in detail. We’ll discover what they found most challenging and how they handled, or didn’t handle, these challenges. We aim to cover all levels of experience in the series. Hogs Back Ultralong was on 05/09/2020. The episode is most suitable for […]
NZ JWOC Team Vlog 3 NZ JWOC Team 2019 | Day 3 VLog – Ticks and Long Distances (Video) - Day 3 Video of the the New Zealand JWOC team's preparation and racing at JWOC 2019 in Silkeborg, Denmark.
EYOC2019 NZ at European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) 2019 - The European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) are taking place in Grodno, Belarus on Thursday 27th June through to Sunday 30th June 2019. NZ orienteers are travelling independently to the European Youth Orienteering Champs in Belarus. 
Introducing the New Zealand JWOC Team 2019 - Meet the NZ team heading to the Junior World Orienteering Champs 2019 being held in Silkeborg, Denmark 6-12 July 2019. Follow the team: NZ JWOC Team (Instagram) Elite NZ Orienteering (Facebook) ONZ Website JWOC Posts NZ JWOC Team Supporters (Facebook) Event Website: 2019 Junior World Orienteering Championships – Denmark 6-12 July 2019 Youngest to eldest, ladies before […]
Sprint 2019 - Oamaru 2019 Orienteering Nationals – Behind the Scenes – Sprint Controller Video - Hear what Bruce Steven, the controller, has to say about the 2019 Nationals Sprint event.
Sprint 2019 - Oamaru 2019 Orienteering Nationals – Behind the Scenes – Sprint Mapper Video - We go behind the scenes and ask the mapper what she thinks about the upcoming Sprint event.
Map Sample WOC2018 Relay Stable WOC Relay (Gene Beveridge Blog) - Stable runs from the New Zealand men’s relay team got us a 17th, 1 place down from the our good result in Scotland 3 years ago. We were very happy with the 16th at that World Champs because it was much better than previous years. This year felt somewhat different though, maybe because the expectations were higher. However, 17th is good, looking at the incredible strength of the competition, and reflects 3 stable runs, far different to last year’s disaster. Our Women’s team placed similarly, 19th.
Matt-Ogden-sourceWOC2018 WOC 2018 – (Matt Ogden Blog) - After the National Championships earlier this year and with the Master’s completed I made the decision to have another crack at WOC. The objectives of this WOC project focused on seeing how an NZ based campaign compared to others I have done; in terms of the experience, the feelings, and the performances.
2018 Australian Orienteering Carnival Notice for NZ participants attending Australian Relay Championships, Sunday 30th Sept 2018 - Jean Cory-Wright is coordinating all NZ teams for the Australian Relay Championships event on Sunday 30th Sept 2018. NZ participants are asked to contact Jean with additional details.
Tim Robertson - NZ Herald Tim Robertson won silver in the World Orienteering Championship sprint in Latvia (NZ Herald) - Kiwi orienteering star Tim Robertson claimed New Zealand's first ever medal at a World Orienteering Championships on Sunday in Latvia. In a historic performance in which the 22-year-old led at every split time, Robertson was ahead by 0.7 seconds at the final pre-warning before being edged out of the gold medal by Switzerland's Daniel Hubmann by a slim 1.1 seconds to take silver.

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