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Selection Announcement – MOUNTAIN BIKE ORIENTEERING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019-  Denmark, 28 July – 3 August 2019 The riders selected to represent  New Zealand at the 2019 MTBO World Championships and Junior World Championships are: Juniors Tegan Knightbridge – North West Georgia Skelton – Counties Manukau Open Devon Beckman – Hawkes Bay Conal Boland-Bristow – PAPO Tommy Hayes – Auckland Tim Robertson – Hutt Valley […]
Selection Notice – ANZ MTBO CHALLENGE 2019- Maryborough, Victoria, 25-27 October 2019 New Zealand has been invited to take on Australia in an ANZ challenge competition at the Australian MTBO champs, Maryborough, 25-27 October 2019. The Championships include mass start, sprint, middle and long distance races, as well as one warm up event.  Details can be found at the following website: http://www.ausmtbochamps.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-AusMTBOchamps-Bulletin-1.pdf […]
ONZ Annual Report 2018 Front Pages Orienteering NZ Annual Report 2018- The Orienteering NZ Annual Report for 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2018 is available for download. Includes reports from the Chairperson, General Manager, Make it easy, sustaining growth, enhancing performances, financials, International representation and results, awards, trophies, club membership statistics and event participation numbers.
Queen’s Birthday 2019 – Entries are OPEN- Incorporating NZL Pinestars v AUS Bushrangers Test Match at Senior and Junior Elite levels NOL Round 4 Schools Inter-regional Challenge Join Wellington and Red Kiwi Orienteering Clubs to enjoy 3 days of top orienteering in the Horowhenua/Manawatu. Saturday 1 June Multi-day distance Whirokino (Waitarere Forest) – remapped 2019 by Bryan and Graham Teahan Planner – […]
HP News #51 – March 2019- As we move towards the ONZ Championships at Easter, March has been a relatively busy month, not only with the start of many of the regional OY Series, but also a HP camp in Rotorua, the Otago Champs and, at the end of the month, the first set of JWOC Trials. Outside orienteering there has […]
Orienteering NZ - Find Your Adventure JWOC2019 Trials – March 30/31- The Bulletin and Final Information for the JWOC Trials in Auckland on 30/31 March can be found here JWOC Trials Bulletin Updated start lsits can be found here 2019 JWOC Trials Start List Updated . These now include NOL allocated start times for elites. Because of conditions of access to Kings College for the sprint […]
Orienteering NZ - Find Your Adventure Call for selection IOF World Cup Round 1- The first round of the 2019 IOF World Cup will be held in Helsinki, Finland from 8-11 June 2019. The round consists of a middle distance, a long distance with a chasing start based on the results of the middle distance, and a sprint relay. All orienteers who wish to be considered for this round […]
ONZ Compass Point – March 2019- March Monthly eNewsletter including: View from the chair; AGM & Club Forum Notice; Council Elections; High Performance Update; Event Liaison Update; Have your Say!; Risk Management Question; And other news
Selection Notice – MOUNTAIN BIKE ORIENTEERING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019- The 2019 MTBO World Championships and Junior World Championships will be held in Denmark, 28 July – 3 August 2019. Selection Criteria As per the Orienteering NZ G1 Selection Policy, athletes will be selected on the basis of known form. Known form will include results from all known races with emphasis on the recent 2018 […]
ONZ ONZ Compass Point – February 2019- Latest News Updates including View from the Chair; 2019 Council Elections; High Performance Update; Event Liaison Update; have your Say on Trophies and Southern Cross Challenge (NZ Schools Team); MTBO Controlling and Organising Workshop; Condolences and other news.

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Sprint 2019 - Oamaru 2019 Orienteering Nationals – Behind the Scenes – Sprint Controller Video- Hear what Bruce Steven, the controller, has to say about the 2019 Nationals Sprint event.
Sprint 2019 - Oamaru 2019 Orienteering Nationals – Behind the Scenes – Sprint Mapper Video- We go behind the scenes and ask the mapper what she thinks about the upcoming Sprint event.
Map Sample WOC2018 Relay Stable WOC Relay (Gene Beveridge Blog)- Stable runs from the New Zealand men’s relay team got us a 17th, 1 place down from the our good result in Scotland 3 years ago. We were very happy with the 16th at that World Champs because it was much better than previous years. This year felt somewhat different though, maybe because the expectations were higher. However, 17th is good, looking at the incredible strength of the competition, and reflects 3 stable runs, far different to last year’s disaster. Our Women’s team placed similarly, 19th.
Matt-Ogden-sourceWOC2018 WOC 2018 – (Matt Ogden Blog)- After the National Championships earlier this year and with the Master’s completed I made the decision to have another crack at WOC. The objectives of this WOC project focused on seeing how an NZ based campaign compared to others I have done; in terms of the experience, the feelings, and the performances.
2018 Australian Orienteering Carnival Notice for NZ participants attending Australian Relay Championships, Sunday 30th Sept 2018- Jean Cory-Wright is coordinating all NZ teams for the Australian Relay Championships event on Sunday 30th Sept 2018. NZ participants are asked to contact Jean with additional details.
Tim Robertson - NZ Herald Tim Robertson won silver in the World Orienteering Championship sprint in Latvia (NZ Herald)- Kiwi orienteering star Tim Robertson claimed New Zealand's first ever medal at a World Orienteering Championships on Sunday in Latvia. In a historic performance in which the 22-year-old led at every split time, Robertson was ahead by 0.7 seconds at the final pre-warning before being edged out of the gold medal by Switzerland's Daniel Hubmann by a slim 1.1 seconds to take silver.
NZ JWOC Team 2018 – Middle Final Event vlog#12- Last individual day at JWOC! Some great results in an insanely technical and physical middle distance!
Middle Qual NZ JWOC 2018 Team – Middle Distance Start Times (Friday Night NZST)- NZ team pleased to have four athletes in the A final tomorrow; congrats to Katie, Max, Joe & Cameron. They will all be wearing GPS. First starts B & C final 10:01, women A final 11:31 & men A final 12:02. Team in good spirits & looking forward to the technical courses tomorrow in Bócsa.
JWOC Middle Qual NZ JWOC Team 2018 – Middle Qualification Event vlog#11- A pretty successful day at the Middle Qual! In some tricky terrain the team managed to pull out some great performances! Super pumped for the Finals tomorrow!
JWOC 2018 Sprint Map World of O – JWOC Sprint 2018 Maps, Results, GPS Analysis- JWOC Sprint brought a surprise win for Germany’s Colin Kolbe in the men’s class and a favourite win by Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) in the women’s class. World of O Analysis.

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