Coaching Resources

On this page you can find an assortment or high quality coaching resources to be read, downloaded, printed or shared.

In addition to these coaching recourses, we also have the Schools Knowledge Hub. There we offer ideas and advice for TICs / managers, students, parents and coaches to help them get the most out of their involvement in orienteering.

Our most comprehensive set of information relating to coaching can be found on the Coaching and Training Hub. There we explain orienteering techniques and training exercises for all levels and provide support for coaches to upskill.


Common symbols for non-sprint orienteering: A simplified ISOM legend ideal for those orienteering at white, yellow and orange levels.

All symbols for non-sprint orienteering: A complete ISOM legend for for those orienteering at red level.

Common symbols for sprint orienteering: A simplified ISSprOM legend ideal for those orienteering at easy and moderate sprint levels.

All symbols for sprint orienteering: A complete ISSprOM legend for those orienteering at difficult sprint level.

Another good ISOM legend put together by UK orienteering service provider Maprunner.

A good symbolic control descriptions guide put together by UK orienteering service provider Maprunner.


Orienteering NZ has 7 workbooks for coaches and self-taught orienteers to use. These workbooks are based on techniques covered in the Coaching and Training Hub.


The Little Book of Orienteering Techniques by Jean Cory-Wright explains essential techniques for beginner and advanced navigation for orienteering and rogaining.

Read more in this article and purchase direct from Jean.

Kiwi-O Manual – Orienteering for Schools (2014)  

For a minimum preparation, minimum equipment, minimum cost orienteering programme in primary and intermediate schools.

IOF Resources


Control Aide android app is made for both emerging orienteers and long time veterans with the intention to make reading control descriptions second nature. It aims to achieve this through repetition but also has a useful index to look up and learn any orienteering symbol.
Control Aide on Google Play

External Resources

  • Better Orienteering – A collaboration by orienteers across the UK and includes a series of videos featuring members of the UK team demonstrating navigation techniques. It’s free to use and simply aims to help people start orienteering and get better at orienteering.
  • Orienteering Australia training guides – If you’re new to orienteering or looking to try out a new form of the sport then this guide will help you get started. There’s information about what happens at events, introductory coaching material plus tips to help make your first few events easier.
  • O in a Box from South African Orienteering Federation – The following manuals and activity sheets have been created specifically for use in schools. They are free to download.