Major Events

Major Event Allocation Chart

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is NZOC-Logo-web-1.jpgNational Foot ChampionshipsNWNLHB
National Secondary
School Championships
Queens Birthday
Trials & ANZ test match)
Tūāraki (Northern) Regional ChampionshipsBP/TP
(Lab W/e)
(Lab W/e)
Pokapū (Central) Regional ChampionshipsWNHBWN/
Taitonga (Southern)
Regional Championships
NISSCNorth Island
Secondary Schools Championships
SISSCSouth Island
Secondary Schools Championships
Junior CampWNNWPP
Labour Weekend
(can be used for regional champs)
Oceania PP
Confirmed [ XX ]To be confirmed [ XX ]
Tūāraki (Northern) region
(NW, AK, CM, WK, TP, BP)
Pokapū (Central) region
(WN, HV, RK, TA, HB, WA)
Taitonga (Southern) region
(MB, NL, PP, DN, SD)
Major Events Allocation System Outline

Planning will be based on 3 regions:
– Northern – AK, NW, CM, TP, WK, BP
– Central – WN, HV, HB, RK, TA, WA
– Southern – NL, MB, PP, DN, SD

Every year in October, clubs will, via a representative/s, attend a regional planning meeting for setting and agreeing calendar. ONZ will setup the invite and work with clubs on agreeing to a suitable date. This would be a 2hr (approx.) meeting that could be run virtually (via video) or face to face where that is possible.

Major events; the Foot nationals, NZ SS Champs, and QB are divided across each of the three regions each year and rotated based on that (see calendar above).

The meeting will use the calendar above, and clubs will discuss and debate which clubs are best equipped to host the relevant event which is tagged for that region. Allocations will be decided at a minimum 4yrs in advance for Oceania, 3yrs in advance for Nationals, NZSS and QB, and 2yrs in advance for other events. Longer duration planning can happen, and these are minimum expectations.

The allocation of national’s sites/maps will balance finding the best possible quality locations, with practical requirements for clubs running the event. This will be done in accordance with the process set out in the ONZ O’ Rules for A level events.

In each meeting, the Event Liaison Officer and/or GM will attend and help facilitate the discussion. The discussion will allow clubs to discuss their current ability and willingness to hold specific events, so the complexities of who can handle what event can be dealt with at that regional level. It is also a chance in that meeting to discuss ways clubs could work together – co-hosting or sharing certain events. Again, the complexity of that can be dealt with in the regional meeting.

ONZ Events Listing

International Orienteering – Major and World Ranking Events

A full list of major international orienteering events and world ranking events (WRE) for each of the orienteering disciplines is maintained on the International Orienteering Federation website.