About Orienteering NZ


The Objects of Orienteering New Zealand Incorporated are to:

  • Govern the sport of orienteering in New Zealand;
  • Promote and encourage orienteering in New Zealand;
  • Conduct competitions and championships;
  • Be the representative body for all Members in New Zealand;
  • Affiliate with international or national organisations to advance the interests of ONZ;
  • Do all such other acts and things incidental or conducive to attainment of any of these objects.

The Constitution of Orienteering New Zealand Incorporated is part A.1. of the Policy and Procedures Manual.



The Orienteering New Zealand Council consists of six elected Council members and up to two co-opted members. For further details refer to the constitution. There are various officers, sub-committees, working groups, coaches, coordinators and team managers, which perform different functions within the overall orienteering body.  Many of the roles are filled on a voluntary basis. Refer to Contact Orienteering NZ for current personnel list and contact details.

ONZ Structure 2016

Strategic Plan

Orienteering NZ Annual Reports

Orienteering NZ AGM Minutes

ONZ AGM Agenda 2019 with Remits

2018 AGM Minutes – to be approved at 2019 AGM

Orienteering NZ Awards

Orienteering NZ celebrates excellence in orienteering each year with the presentation of a range of Awards. The awards are announced and presented at the Annual Dinner during the New Zealand Orienteering Championships (Nationals).

The Awards are:

  • Award for Services to New Zealand Orienteering
    Our premier service award honouring an individual who has contributed in a most deserving manner to the development of orienteering in New Zealand.
  • International Performance of the Year
    For achievement by an individual or team in international competition in the year nominated.
  • Kapiti HAVOC Trophy (Junior International Performance of the Year)
    For international performance by a junior in the year nominated.
  • Coach of the Year
    For outstanding contribution in coaching by an individual during the year nominated.
  • Mountain-Bike Orienteer of the Year
    For meritorious performance by an individual or team in mountain bike orienteering during year nominated.
  • Rogainer of the Year
    For meritorious performance by an individual or team in rogaining during year nominated.
  • NZOF Administrator of the Year
    For outstanding contribution in administration for either a club, NZOF or a special project by an individual during the yearnominated.
  • President’s Award
    For outstanding volunteer contribution to a club (or clubs) by an individual during year nominated.
  • National Volunteer Awards
    For volunteer service at national level (5 per year).
  • Brighouse Trophy
    For the best combined performance by an affiliated NZOF member in national and provincial long-distance events during the year by an individual. Refer to Brighouse Trophy Rules.

Orienteering NZ Awards Recipients

ONZ Awards Recipients 2017

Discontinued awards

  • Ampro Sales Club Growth Award (1982 – 2007)
  • Silva Magazine of the Year (1992 – 2006)

Life Members

1992 – Terry Brighouse
2003 – John Robinson (CMOC)
2003 – Graham Teahan
2003 – Michael Wood (HVOC)
2018 – Rob Crawford (previously CMOC)
2018 – Rob Garden (NW)
2018 – Bunny Rathbone (HBOC)
2018 – Val Robinson (CMOC)

1975 – Sverre Moen (deceased 1976)
1976 – Ralph King (deceased 2014)
1988 – Tony Nicholls (deceased 1995)
1992 – John Davies (deceased 2014)
2003 – Bruce Collins (deceased 2018)