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Welcome to the Mapping section of the Orienteering NZ website.  These pages provide information and resources on how to prepare orienteering maps, and you can also chat with others about Mapping through the Chat area.

This page is intended as a central location where New Zealand based mappers can obtain all the necessary information for their mapping work. For any help or advice not covered here, please contact the mapping committee.


Below are links to important rules and specifications for orienteering mapping. It is extremely important that these are followed where necessary as they provide a method of standardizing maps across New Zealand and internationally.

Foot Orienteering

Mountain Bike Orienteering


Below are links to important locations for sourcing basemap material, including contours and aerial imagery. Other council websites not listed below may have aerial imagery or other data, often located under “Property Information System” or a similar title.

  • Land Information New Zealand Data Service
    Free online access to New Zealand’s most up-to-date land data. Look especially at Aerial photos and Elevation (contours and DEMs).
  • Koordinates
    Online access to a wide range of data sets across New Zealand. Some data in Koordinates is commercial and requires payment before it can be downloaded.
  • Open Topography Free online access to high-resolution topography. Hosted by the University of California, San Diego but holds raw Lidar (point cloud) data for New Zealand. Whereas LINZ holds elevations processed into contours and DEMs on a regular grid, this site holds all recorded Lidar returns.
  • WAMS (Walking Access Mapping System)
    WAMS is an online system using GIS technology to provide a view of the legal boundaries of public land. This boundary information (known as the cadastre) can be viewed against topographical maps or aerial photographs of the entire country. Important for locating areas where orienteering may be more easily permitted.
  • Magnetic Field Declination Around New Zealand
    Provides information on the declination of magnetic north from grid north and true north across New Zealand.
  • Canterbury Maps
    Online access to a wide range of data sets across the Canterbury region
  • Auckland Council GIS
    Online access to a wide range of data sets across the Auckland region

ONZ Mapping Community Wiki

ONZ Mapping Community Wiki


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Mapping Bulletins


The Orienteering NZ Mapping Committee welcomes any questions regarding New Zealand mapping practices or any stage of the mapping process. Suggestions of other information sources for this page are also appreciated. You are encouraged to contact the committee by email using the form below.

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