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Christo Peters | Orienteering New Zealand
2023 Aussie MTBO Champs – Aus-NZ Challenge
By Christo Peters - Sun 18 Dec 2022

Craig Steffens in Australia has notified us of an awesome Aussie MTBO Champs, and to invite many for the ANZ challenge – it will be the first time since 2019. For those who don’t know the ANZ challenge it is a competition between an Australian and a NZ team of selected MTBO’ers, taken from across […]

2023 NZ MTBO Champs | Christchurch
By Christo Peters - Sun 18 Dec 2022

PAPO will host the 2023 NZ MTBO champs on maps close to Christchurch, including 2 new maps. All locations are within 45mins drive from Christchurch airport.  Provisional programme (subject to landowner approval) for the NZ MTBO champs 2023: Prior to this weekend (on Anzac day – Tue 25th April), there will be a 3hr / 6hr […]

2022 Navmas in the Chambers
By Christo Peters - Sun 18 Dec 2022

Matt Ogden has been busy creating some Christmas orienteering cheer. Navmas in the Chambers the inaugural end-of-year navigation competition was around the Tasman District Council building – a 3 story “rabbit warren” as the Mayor calls it.  It was organised by Matt Ogden and Martin Doyle with support from Annemarie Hogenbirk.  Aa an “urban” rogaine […]

Southern O-weekend 2023
By Christo Peters - Thu 15 Dec 2022

The bulletin has been released and entries are open for the Southern O-weekend 2023 will be held on a variety of sprint and terrain maps around Christchurch. Includes individual sprint, knock-out sprint and sprint relay as well as forest races. The elite races at Waitangi Orienteering Weekend will have more than just NSL points on […]

Aussie Rogaine Champs – Kiwis win vets category
By Christo Peters - Thu 15 Dec 2022

A bit of a story about a Rogaine adventure, particularly for map sport enthusiasts. In October Rolf Boswell competed in the 2022 Australiasian Rogaine Championships which doubled up as the 2022 Australian Rogaine Championships.  The traditional Rogaine championship event is a 24 hour endurance challenge.  It starts with a shout of ‘GO!’ at noon on […]

Nick Collins | Sport Taranaki Impact sport award recipient 
By Christo Peters - Thu 15 Dec 2022

A few weeks ago Nick Collins won a 2022 Impact Sport award from Sport Taranaki for his motivational role in navigation sports. This award recognises Nick’s dedication to the sport over 30 years. We had a quick chat with him.   1.  You have certainly made sure navigation sports and orienteering gets due recognition amongst the […]

View from the Chair – Nov/Dec 2022
By Christo Peters - Thu 15 Dec 2022

How does the idea of tripling the orienteering membership in the next 5 years sound? Or having a stronger place for young adults to feel part of the sport outside high performance? Or where running major events is exponentially easier than it currently is? These are just a few of the things that came out […]

Bunny Rathbone
Bunny Rathbone Memorial Service – 22 Dec, Dunedin
By Christo Peters - Sat 03 Dec 2022

There will be a Memorial Service for Bunny at 9am on Thursday 22 December 2022 at the Anderson’s Bay Cemetery Chapel in Dunedin for Bunny Rathbone. Any ONZ members would be most welcome to attend. Below is a link to the tribute web page which anyone can visit and contribute to: www.weremember.com/bunny-rathbone/0o2u/memories?utm_campaign=memorial_share

Passing of Ann Scott
By Christo Peters - Thu 24 Nov 2022

We were very saddened to hear about the passing of Ann Scott, following a long illness. We know that Ann had a long history with orienteering and was a stalwart of the Southland orienteering scene who contributed a huge amount over many decades. By all accounts much of this contribution was done without fanfare, driven […]

Wairarapa 40th celebrations report booklet
By Christo Peters - Sun 06 Nov 2022

It definitely sounds like Wairarapa’s recent 40th Anniversary celebrations went well. Bryan Teahan has kindly put together a results booklet to mark the event. For those interested, please click here to read the PDF.

What is your National Council up to at the moment? – October 2022
By Christo Peters - Thu 03 Nov 2022

In October council approved a proposed new format for deciding personal places at WOC. In simple terms, those that win the 21E categories at the Oceania Champs get personal places at WOC over and above those allocated to their country. With the division of WOC into Sprint in even years and forest in odd years, […]

Orienteering vision
By Christo Peters - Thu 03 Nov 2022

Good vision is crucial in orienteering, so you want to optimise it to make competing easier. In this article I will go through several ways you can assist your eyes in reading maps more clearly. Glasses are most people’s go to solution to see, which is great, but they have limitations in orienteering. The lenses […]

Balance is better (Sport NZ) – review of ‘Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World’ by David Epstein
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Nov 2022

Many of you will know about Sport New Zealand’s “Balance is Better” campaign that discourages early specialisation in sport, advocating for our tamariki and rangatahi to be exposed to a range of sporting opportunities early in their lives. In this article Hamish Rogers reviews David Epstein’s book “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World“, […]

The other side of the carnival  | Behind the OZ champs
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Nov 2022

A huge thank you to Orienteering Australia and David Jaffe for letting us re-print this article on the side of orienteering carnivals that the general public never sees: Nine races in nice days.  Bigger than O-Ringen, Swiss O week, Scotland’s skimpy six days and Finland’s feeble five days. We Aussies are made of sterner stuff.  Well […]

Connecting worldwide  |  IOF webinars
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Nov 2022

From November and once every month until February 2023, you will have a unique opportunity to get insights on orienteering development all over the world. IOF’s Global Development Commission hosts webinars every first Tuesday evening in Europe translated to a 7.30am Wednesday morning webinar in NZ with  presenters and input from various federations and orienteering […]

Australian school champs
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Nov 2022

All kiwi orienteers have been invited to Western Australia for next year’s Australian Orienteering Championships and Kambarang Karnival incorporating the Australian Schools Orienteering Champs (ASOC) 2023. It looks like it features a load of granite terrain. The Bulletin One PDF linked blow has more details on the 2023 Australian Schools event.  The programme:Event 1: Sat 30 Sept AUS […]

View from the Chair – October 2022
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Nov 2022

his column will be short and sweet this month as I am immersed in planning for the upcoming NZ MTBO Champs and have limited time to write this. It feels great to be planning a major event again, particularly one where people will be coming from overseas – already we have several Australians and even […]

ONZ Council Update | September 2022
By Christo Peters - Mon 03 Oct 2022

What is your National Council up to at the moment? The agenda for the Council met on 19th September included the scheduling of the HP Hui, a recent meeting with Athletics NZ, further discussion about map scales, the of future filming of the NZSS Championships, the manager’s report from the WUOC and the progression of […]

World School Sport Games selection update
By Christo Peters - Mon 03 Oct 2022

Way back on the 9th July we shared our intention to select a teams for the World Schools Orienteering Championships. At that stage there was no information available despite us reaching out to the international body responsible for the event – the International Schools Federation (ISF). Over the last two months we have continued to have dialogue […]

View from the Chair – Sep 2022
By Christo Peters - Mon 03 Oct 2022

As Chair of a minority sport in NZ, I was interested in hearing the news about  NZ Rugby forfeiting $280k of Sport NZ funding, for failing to meet a gender diversity target of 40% women on their Board. Whilst the story about gender and inclusion is an important one, what struck me about this news […]

View from the Chair – July 2022
By Christo Peters - Tue 02 Aug 2022

It has been a fantastic month seeing kiwi orienteers competing on the world stage, and congrats to all of the athletes that competed at WOC, JWOC, and WMTBOC. In the ultra competitive environment of world champs racing, our athletes will have been tested in ways just not possible in our national competitions which has been […]

Greig Hamilton on the Berkley Marathons  
By Christo Peters - Sat 02 Jul 2022

If you think “Rip a page from a book” might make a change from SI Air, and maps with minimal or inaccurate vegetation could be fun, then the Berkley Marathon might be your event. It has worldwide notoriety, and a small hardy field of entrants in a ‘last man standing’ style-event that not many finish […]

View from the Chair – June 2022
By Christo Peters - Sat 02 Jul 2022

After 2 years of international competition being in simmer mode, the heat has well and truly turned up, with the first international Kiwi team travelling to Europe to compete in World Championships since 2019. There has been a palpable buzz and lift in energy around elite competition this year. It was noticeable at the Queens […]

Interview | JWOC Coach Briana
By Christo Peters - Tue 31 May 2022

How many times have you been to JWOC? How old were you when you first went?I have been to JWOC twice in 2018 and 2019. My last year of eligibility was 2020 unfortunately! I was 17 when I first went, and in year 13 at school. What did you enjoy the most when you were […]

ONZ Innovation Award winner Cameron de L’Isle’s project omap.nz
By Christo Peters - Tue 31 May 2022

Cameron de Lîle was awarded recognition at Nationals for his mapping project which is aiming to create a highly detailed (1:10,000 scale) map of all of New Zealand.  The first lockdown inspired the start of this project when Cameron discovered some software called Karttapullautin on a Finnish MapAnt website which has a high resolution map of […]

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