Gene Beveridge Blog: Strong Performances at QBD
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Sun 12 Jun 2016 10:48pm
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Gene Beveridge has posted a blog on his personal website blog. Read more at:  Strong Performances at QBD

“The Australia-New Zealand Elite Test Match over the long Queen’s Birthday weekend has given me a chance to gauge my fitness at this clear midpoint in this training block leading up to WOC. I have completed 10 weeks out of my 20 weeks and focussed entirely on improving my endurance and injury resistance. As a result, I attribute my strong performances over the weekend primarily to 1 factor, consistency, which I have achieved through 3 different methods, and I will discuss these in my next post, but for now I want to reflect on my technical performance at these races…”

Read more at Gene Beveridge’s personal website:  Strong Performances at QBD

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