IOF – Call for volunteers in the areas of IT and Global Development
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Fri 11 Sep 2020 12:30pm
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The IOF is looking for volunteers who want to help and support the global development of Orienteering by working in one or more working groups of the Global Development Commission (GDC) or chair the IT Commission.

In its Strategic Directions the IOF has a goal of increasing the diversity in the volunteer organisation, which primarily means improving gender balance, increasing regional representation and aligning age distribution more closely to that of the global orienteering community. One potential method to allow broader participation in IOF work is to encourage volunteers who may not be able to be present in physical meetings, to work digitally in commissions and working groups. The IOF is increasingly working with digital meeting tools and virtual participation. IOF hope this opportunity can be attractive to more potential volunteers.

Find out more on the IOF website

The Global Development Commission (GDC) Working Groups are:

Education Working Group (EWG)

The long-term vision of the EWG is to develop and run an educational portal with instructional video clips and text-based educational materials, webinar offerings and developmental clinics offerings in areas mapping, event organising, training/coaching at different levels as well as specialized educational offerings, such as anti-doping education, fair-play education, usage of ICTs in orienteering and sustainable events.

Recreational Orienteering Working Group (ROWG)

The ROWG follows development of recreational orienteering and promote sharing of such activities and concepts among member federations.

Regional Development Working Group (RDWG)

The RDWG promotes and develops the sport of Orienteering worldwide deploying means and tools as the following:

  • Support of regional and sub-regional development projects,
  • Development and maintenance of Connecting Worldwide, the global Orienteering volunteer platform,
  • Organization of clinics e.g. WOC-clinic and clinics for regional development together with partners (e.g. O-Ringen), and
  • Organization of the biannually Global Development Conference for inspiration, networking and international exchange.

Youth Development Working Group (YDWG)

The YDWG focuses on development of youth orienteering in all IOF member federations on all levels from novice to young elite. This encompasses the development and sharing of activities and concepts adapted for, focused on, and inspired by youths to make orienteering an attractive and inclusive sport for young people.

Expression of interest closes October 1, 2020.

Find out more on the IOF website

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