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JWOC2017 Blog – European Youth Orienteering Champs in Slovakia
By NZ JWOC Team - Sun 2 Jul 2017 3:07pm
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As part of their JWOC campaign, Jenna Tidswell, Danielle Goodall and Katie Cory-Wright have been competing in the European Youth Orienteering Champs in Slovakia this weekend. So far they have run the Sprint and Long races, and tonight (Sunday NZ) will run in the W18 Relay. Tune in to www.eyoc2017.com for Live Results and hopefully some Live video streaming. Dani heads off on first leg at 7.10pm NZ time. (9.10am local Slovak time)

Results so far: (W18)
Sprint: Katie 34th, Dani 62nd, Jenna 77th
Long: Katie 22nd, Dani 51st, Jenna 63rd

and the Aussies
Aston Key M18 : Sprint 56th, Long 28th
Jensen Key M16: Sprint mp , Long 92nd

Big thanks to Warren Key for making this happen.






Alistair Cory-Wright (source: Facebook)

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