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Notice for NZ participants attending Australian Relay Championships, Sunday 30th Sept 2018
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Mon 13 Aug 2018 3:20pm
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2018 Australian Orienteering Carnival

The organisers of the Australian Relay Championships event on Sunday 30th Sept 2018 would like to deal with just one representative from New Zealand for the team composition, so Jean Cory-Wright has volunteered to be this coordinator.

If you are going to the event and want to run in a relay team, do enter the relay event on Sat 30th Sept on Eventor just like you have entered the other events.

After you have entered, email Jean at jean.corywright@gmail.com to let her know:

  1. your name,
  2. age grade entered
  3. club
  4. let Jean know if you mind running in a harder grade such as up an age group for juniors, or down an age group for masters.
  5. If you have a preference for a team already organised, let Jean know that too!

We have a lot of juniors going this year and Jean is keen to get them all into a team. Some juniors usually end up running up a grade to make the numbers work. If you are in the NZ Secondary school team, or the NZ regional invitation team, there is no need to email Jean as she already has your names.

Please contact Jean before August 26th 2018, which is the closing date for entries.

Additional Details on the event:

2018 Australian Orienteering Carnival

The 2018 Australian Championships carnival in South Australia will comprise eight events over 9 days – 2 sprint events and 5 forest events.  The events cover a wide variety of terrain.

The first 3 events are near Renmark in the Riverland near the SA-Vic border, with the subsequent events in the Mt Lofty Ranges near Adelaide.  See the Event Program page for the full list of events and locations.

Follow Facebook for the 2018 Australian Orienteering carnival updates.

About Contributor: ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe

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