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By Catriona McBean - Wed 17 Dec 2014 10:31pm

In three words we could describe todays map as; steep, green and lots of fight. Todays training plan consisted of long distance training and a flying shamile.

Junior Camp 10







In the morning we had the long distance training which was a 5.6km course with 375m of climb. The course had controls varying in length to test orienteers of all levels. The majority of the legs had several different route choices which included straight is great, bashing through dark green and thick undergrowth or taking a Sunday stroll around the paths. The majority of the forest was clean underfoot and easy to run making it a fast course. As most athletes would have discovered out there the green was unfriendly and only ended in blood and battle scars. Over this rugged course, many injuries were to be had; Sez and Max smashed their ankles, runners were stuck by splinters, savaged by savage wasps and one hand was even ripped apart between the jaws of a barbed wire fence.  Thankfully there were no rampant cows to terrorise poor Katie and young Ryan. But honestly it wasn’t that bad.

Now to the flying Shamile minus the Shamoose… due to injury. This course was fast, fun and flippin awesome. Virtually a sprint course through the forest, this mile long course was crazy quick, winning Tommy smashing the course in just twelve minutes and nine seconds, if you ignore head coach Nick’s ridiculous time of sub ten minutes.

Junior Camp 9

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