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The Day Before
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Tue 22 Jul 2014 3:51am
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Technical Model Event

The teams have arrived, the flags are raised, start lists are up, and you can count the hours until your start. This is the period when nerves start to set in.

A morning jwalk around the long model map served well to keep our minds off the competition. The forest floor is very clean for Bulgarian standards and the hills relatively gradual, meaning we are going to see some lighting fast k-rates for the long in (just!) two days time.

model walk


In the afternoon we had the “Technical Model”, an alien concept for most of the team. Basically it was just a model of how the start procedure works, and the types of controls we will see out on the course. Kinda mostly a little bit pointless but it was the first real chance to see the other teams that aren’t staying at our hotel.

Technical Model Event

Technical Model Event

With one night to go before the sprint, the atmosphere is quickly shifting into race mode. All those hours of intense training and focused preparation are coming to a climax. Its time for New Zealand to get serious. 



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