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Follow NZ Team at JWOC 2014
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Tue 22 Jul 2014 5:02pm
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The 2014 Junior World Orienteering Championship races start Tuesday night (Tues 22nd July, 7pm NZST) with the Sprint.

JWOC2014 is being held in Borovets, Bulgaria. New Zealand has a team of 6 women and 6 men plus coach and team manager. In addition, several kiwis have travelled to support the team.

The New Zealand JWOC 2014 Team and Sprint start times


  • 10:29 EEST (7:29pm NZST) Ed Cory-Wright  (Peninsula And Plains)
  • 10:44 EEST (7:44pm NZST) Nick Hann (Wellington)
  • 11:19 EEST (8:19pm NZST) Shamus Morrison (Wellington)
  • 11:25 EEST (8:25pm NZST) Callum Herries (Hawkes Bay)
  • 12:05 EEST (9:05pm NZST) Cameron Tier (North West)
  • 12:22 EEST (9:22pm NZST) Tim Robertson (Hutt Valley) **GPS Tracking**


  • 10:21 EEST (7:21pm NZST)  Helena Barnes (North West)
  • 10:32 EEST (7:32pm NZST) Alice Tilley (North West) 
  • 10:48 EEST (7:48pm NZST) Sonia Hollands (Counties Manukau)
  • 10:53 EEST (7:53pm NZST) Rebecca Gray (North West)
  • 11:45 EEST (8:45pm NZST) Sophie Harrison (Peninsula And Plains) **GPS Tracking**
  • 11:52 EEST (8:52pm NZST) Kayla Fairbairn (North West) **GPS Tracking**

Team manager

  • Anna Robertson (Hutt Valley)


  • Rob Jessop (Auckland)


Following the Team

  1. Visit the event website and live centre at jwoc2014.bg
  2. Highly recommended read: WorldofO: JWOC2104: All you need to know
  3. JWOC2014 on Facebook
  4. See the JWOC2014 Sprint Presentation and Bulletin 4 from the event website
  5. The Orienteering NZ Blog – JWOC  – includes all the posts from the NZ JWOC Blog and posts from Anna Robertson. Catch up on the travel and training posts leading up to JWOC by Anna and the rest of the team. Anyone can register on the Orienteering NZ website and post updates to the blog.
  6. NZ JWOC Supporters group on Facebook – includes photos and updates from Anna, supporters, and comments from supporters.
  7. Follow on Twitter: Join the international conversation by including the hash tag #JWOC2014  https://twitter.com/hashtag/JWOC2014 
  8. Other locations NZ supporters actively post include Maptalk, and the Elite NZ Orienteering Facebook page.

About Contributor: ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe

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  1. Happy Birthday to Rob Jessop. Hope the NZ team appreciates your dedication. They are lucky to have such an inspiring coach.

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