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By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Sun 20 Jul 2014 8:08pm
trip photo

I have to be quick, Karen just caught me walking out of Nick’s room at an unseen 11:45 😛

For our final race simulation, we headed out to what Nick recalls as the “rabid dog” map or the model map in a filthy part of Samokov. After a quick jog of the model map and a small dog scare later, we lined up ready to hit the streets. By chance a rally car race had been set up in Samokov, lighting up the streets as they sped past our start on the way to their race. Similarly, we sprinted off into a surprisingly technical map in area from what we saw as a bunch of apartment buildings. Tapes were stuck to control sites to touch as we flew past. Dusty soil and clothes lines lining the decks of local apartments were the common sites to take in. Luckily most the dogs on our map were restrained behind fences unlike the model map warm up. After no time at all, most the guys came in around 7-8minutes and the girls soon after, a good test of speed after all our forest trainings recently. My legs are felt great afterward and that feeling of having extra energy is a great confidence booster leading into our first JWOC event next week, the sprint.

I also have to mention a great happy birthday to Becky Grey who turned 20 today where we celebrated with a nice cake and card.

For most of us, our preparations are reaching their final stage with our excellent trainings set by Rob and Hanny with a special thanks to Tofe who set online gps analysis post simulation. Most countries have arrived at our hotel now with large Finish, Swedish, Swiss and Canadian teams floating round.

Tomorrows a rest day so more fun and awesome recovery…



trip photo trip photo

trip photo trip photo

trip photo trip photo

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