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By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 2 Jul 2014 4:54am

Right at this moment Helena, Shamboozle and I have our feet up in our hostel in Milan. We’ve got two nights here before heading to Venice for the beginning of the Italy Five Days. What an awesome chance to be here and am feeling extremely lucky. No matter how you say it, this city has a swanky name.

So how have the last few days played out?

Helena arrived early and has been going on plenty of adventures – including a trip to lake Como. Meaning she is the perfect tour guide for us other two muppets.

Shamus battled a flight from Auckland to Singapore on Jetstar. No inflight entertainment meant he now has a total addiction to The Hunger Games (currently powering his way through the third book).

In my news, managed to fall asleep before the plane had even left Singapore and woke up five hours later! Woah biggest sleep on a plane ever! Unfortunately realized 8 hours of the flight still remained…

We made it here in one piece though and with priorities set, headed to the pizza place across the road. Carbo loading? The rest of the afternoon has been spent in the city centre.  Unanimous decision made that only Helena and Sham are capable of reading the map, they have a good point.

Think it’ll be an early night.


Versace Sign

Is that a big enough sign Versace?

Milan's castle!

Milan’s castle!

One Person Car

Check this out. A one-person car!


Is this cathedral just too stunning to keep your eyes open? Yup it is.

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