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Mountain Climbin’
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Fri 16 May 2014 12:00pm

Seeing the fresh snow fall on the Alps this week made me super keen to get out there, and climbing some mountains would be the perfect break from study. On a day like this, nothing can beat standing on the top of a big pile of rock.

map - Totlesse Range

Starting at Porters Pass (942 m), the ridge climbs steeply up to Foggy Peak (1741 m) and then is gently undulating for about 3 km along to Castle Hill Peak (1998 m). It was pretty cold at Porters Pass, with a fresh wind blowing through the saddle, but I warmed up pretty quickly on the climb. Foggy Peak Ridge is a good (but long!) ascent to the tops, as it is steep enough to gain altitude quickly but it is still possible to run the whole way up. I hit the snow at about 1500 m and just after that could see Castle Hill Peak along the ridge.

Ridge - Castle Hill Peak

Looking along the ridge, Castle Hill Peak is the farthest visible summit

The ridge-top is amazing for running along. Foggy Peak is basically a mountain of scree; slippery and stony to ascend, but the top is smooth and rounded and today had only a couple of inches of snow. The wind had dropped too, and it was almost sunbathing weather. There were a couple of icy patches to keep things interesting, but mostly the snow had just a thin crust to punch through. As I climbed Castle Hill Peak, the depth of the snow increased but not enough to cover the trig.





Are those moose tracks in the snow?

Are those moose tracks in the snow?

Castle Hill Peak summit

Castle Hill Peak summit

Had a moment at the top to appreciate the tranquillity and silence of the mountain, before I was charging off through the snow drifts back to the car.  I am definitely keen to push it a bit further to the Gap next time, although it would be good to make a round trip of it.




About Contributor: ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe

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