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à Paris
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 9 Jul 2014 7:34pm

Alice and I arrived in France looking forward to the European summer, and what did we find? Rain, rain, rain- we seem to have brought the Auckland weather with us! However, we did not let this stop us. While recovering from jet lag after 30 hours of travelling, we have seen so much of the city. Whilst our map skills have been very helpful, we have still managed to get lost quite a few times- yesterday we caught a bus that we thought would take us to the Eiffel tower, but actually was going in the opposite direction!! However, we did manage to relocate after the small detour, and made it to the tower in the end! 🙂

disney store

During our run we just had to stop at the disney store!!!

New team bag?

New team bag??

La durée, macaroon store- très, très délicieux!!!

La durée, macaroon store- très, très délicieux!!!

la Tour d'Eiffel

la Tour d’Eiffel


We are heading to Sofia tomorrow morning, and I am very excited for the warm weather and to get into the terrain over there!!

à Bientôt!


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