2020 New Zealand Secondary School Paper Team to be chosen at Nationals
By Christo Peters - Wed 30 Sep 2020 10:59am
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2020 New Zealand Secondary School Paper Team to be chosen at Nationals

Orienteering NZ is pleased to announce that a paper NZSS team will be named following this year’s New Zealand Orienteering Championships (Nationals 2020).  The reason for naming a paper team, the event that the team will be chosen at, and the criteria for selection have been taken into consideration in reaching this decision.

The suggestion to name a paper team was raised by one of our clubs.  The club felt that this was warranted given that the composition of NZSS team changes dramatically each year due to students leaving school and new talent taking their place.  ONZ felt that the naming of a paper team would ensure that students in their final year of secondary school education would not be penalised for a year when NZ was unable to send a team overseas.

The decision to select based on performances at this year’s Nationals was made because it was felt that this event would provide the most accurate gauge of ability and the best range of secondary school competitors from around New Zealand. 

The selection criteria will follow secondary school selection categories rather than nationals categories.  This decision reflects ONZ’s desire to select using the same criteria as past years.  This means that the Junior Selection Panel will use it’s discretion should they need to select from eligible athletes competing in two different age-bands.   A single team will be selected if there are less than 50 eligible athletes.  If this number is exceeded, a decision to name a second team (as was the case for the 2019 Southern Cross Challenge) will be made at the discretion of the Junior Selection Panel.


Christo Peters
General Manager

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