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By Christo Peters - Thu 20 Jan 2022 11:07pm
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2021 NORTH Regional champs - CANCELLED

Sadly the move to the Red Alert Level under the Covid Protection Framework has forced organisers to cancel the 2021 Tūāraki (Northern) Regional Championships. The event was already postponed from last year. The 2022 Tūāraki (Northern) Regional Champs are scheduled to take place in October.


We would like to alert you to the following important information. We also encourage you to pass this information on to anyone else who is planning on attending but has not yet entered.

Note that the event website has been updated to reflect all of the latest information and contains further details.

Vaccination Mandatory

Anyone attending the events who is 12 years and older will need to be vaccinated against Covid19 and will be require to show their My Vaccine Pass on event entry. Vaccination for children 11 years and under is not mandatory.

Entry Classes

Due to the event being postponed from Labour Weekend 2021 to 12-13 Febuary 2022, some competitors may now be required to run in, or be eligible for, different grades.

The applicable year to be used in determining grade eligibility is based on the postponement date of 12-13 February 2022 (not original event date).

The entry system has been updated to reflect this moving forward. However for anyone who entered prior to 19th January 2022, they may now be in the incorrect age grade.

We will be reviewing all competitors to ensure they are eligible for the grade they are entered in.

For any competitors in 20 year old bracket or younger, they will automatically be put in the A grade for the age bracket in which they are required to run. If they wish to run in a different grade for which they are eligible (e.g. B) please contact the event director on orienteeringbop@gmail.com.

For any adults in 21E or older, they will be left in the grade they originally entered, unless they advise the event director that they want to change to a new grade for which they are eligible.

Key Decision Dates

The event will go ahead if all of the Northern region is in Orange status or better on the date of the events. A decision will be made on February 4th, with entries closing February 6th. This decision may have to be reviewed if the situation changes between February 4th and event date.

Orienteering BOP and Taupo Orienteering Club have made the decision that if the event does not take place on 12-13 February it will be cancelled. There will be no further postponement.

The refund policy is detailed on the website.

Bulletin and Start Lists

We are aiming to publish the Bulletin on Monday 7th February on the event website. We will also notify all entrants via email when it is published.

We are aiming to publish start lists on Wednesday 9th February. Note the changes in start times for the Middle and Sprint as communicated on the event websitePlease do make sure any start requests have been sent through to the event director at orienteeringbop@gmail.com before Monday 7th February.

If you do have any questions or concerns regarding the above or the events please don’t hesitate to contact the event director, Erin Swanson, on orienteeringbop@gmail.com. Fingers crossed, toes crossed, and everything else as well, that we can go ahead on 12th and 13th February!

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