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2022 JWOC Team named
By Christo Peters - Wed 20 Apr 2022 8:26pm

Following the National Championships in Nelson, selectors have chosen the following athletes to represent New Zealand at 2022 Junior World Orienteering Championships in Portugal:


Katherine Babbington – Canterbury

Rachel Baker – Wellington

Tessa Burns – Hawkes Bay
Kaia Jorgenssen – Canterbury

Penelope Salmon – Auckland

Zara Stewart – Auckland

Reserve: Emily Hayes – Auckland


Cameron Bonar – Auckland
Zefa Fa’avae – Nelson
Felix Hunt – Canterbury

Ryan Moore – Canterbury

Fergus O’Neill – Canterbury

Will Tidswell – Hawkes Bay
Reserve: Alex Jobbins

The team will be managed by Jenni Adams (PAPO) who was announced last month. The coach will be appointed next week at the ONZ Council Meeting.

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