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2023 EYOC Team Named
By Christo Peters - Wed 3 May 2023 9:59pm

European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC)
For the first time in many years ONZ has selected a team to attend the EYOC which are taking place in Bulgaria. The event categories are 14-16 and 16-18  and will be attended by a number of our younger JWOC athletes. The team selected to attend is:

Boys 16-18yrs
  Felix Hunt (PAPO)
  Riley Croxford (Nelson)
  Eddie Swain (Nelson)
  Jacob Knoef (PAPO)

Girls 16-18yrs
  Molly McGowan (Auckland)
  Anna Babington (PAPO)
  Katherine Babington (PAPO)
  Rachel Baker (Wellington)

Boys 14-16yrs
  Leo Croxford (Nelson)

The team will be managed by Kieran Woods (Auckland) with Sally Latimore (Nelson) listed as an assistant. Some of the older JWOC participants will be attending the event and racing in the non-competition races.

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