Addressing Volunteer Burnout
By Christo Peters - Tue 29 Jun 2021 11:45pm
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Working with clubs to reduce volunteer burnout is a key project for Orienteering New Zealand in 2021. Orienteering in New Zealand is underpinned by a strong culture of volunteerism. Organising orienteering events requires a wide range of skills; from technical orienteering specific skills to building strong relationships with landowners or running the finances of clubs.  

The intent of this project is to gather information around current volunteering practices amongst clubs around the country in order to highlight and share systems that work. In addition to looking within the New Zealand orienteering community, the goal is to look to other New Zealand sports organisations and overseas orienteering federations to search for other useful ideas.

The first steps of this process are around collecting information from clubs and club members on their views around volunteering in orienteering. This short survey is intended for any orienteer in NZ. Please click on this link to start survey.

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