Athletes rights in focus in The Athlete Charter and at WADA Global Athlete Forum (IOF)
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Thu 4 Oct 2018 5:07pm
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The aim with The Athlete Charter is to be the world’s largest athlete-focused survey ever commissioned. All elite-level athletes are invited to share their voice. Integrity and Clean Sport is one of the key topics. Clean Sport was also the main topic on the 1st WADA Global Athlete Forum with the theme The sport we want. Erik Blomgren, coordinator of the Ski Orienteering Athletes Commission attended the forum on behalf of the IOF.

3 Reasons Why you need to participate

The Athlete Charter aims to bring together the rights and responsibilities of athletes into one straightforward document. The goal is to implement a body of universal principles that are flexible enough to adapt to athletes’ needs across all sports and countries ensuring they are supported for generations to come.

The Athlete Charter Steering Committee invites all elite-level athletes to share their voice by completing a survey that will help shape this important document.

The Athlete Charter is currently organised around five key topics that address the most relevant issues athletes face today:

  1. Integrity and Clean Sport
  2. Governance and Communication
  3. Career and Marketing
  4. Safeguarding
  5. Sports Competition

More information about The Athletes Charter and the survey results is found here:

The first WADA Global Athlete Forum was held in Calgary, Canada this summer. Erik Blomgren, coordinator of the Ski Orienteering Athletes Commission was one of 104 athletes from 54 countries attending the forum. Erik Blomgren summaries the forum:

“The interesting discussions have provided me with useful anti-doping tools and knowledge. I believe it is really important that athletes get involved and I totally agree with WADA Athlete Committee Chair, Beckie Scott’s comment: “Meaningful change to protect clean sport can only be achieved with athletes standing together for a strengthened anti-doping system.”

The discussions at the Forum has been summarised into 13 key outcomes:

Key Outcomes WADA 1st Global Athlete Forum 


There has also been a lot in the local media recently about drug testing in New Zealand resulting in bans for many recreational sportspeople rather than elites. With that in mind it is perhaps pertinent that this IOF News item links to the outcomes of the WADA Global Athlete Forum which was held in Canada over the Northern Hemisphere summer.


[Source: IOF News]

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