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Australia regains Aspin-Key Trophy
By Malcolm Ingham - Mon 3 Oct 2016 10:50am
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Australia Orienteering Championships 2016

Excellent individual performances from Matt Ogden (1st M21E – long distance, 2nd M21E – middle distance), Nick Hann (1st M21E – middle, 3rd M21E – long), Tommy Hayes (1st M20E – middle), Matt Goodall (2nd M20E – long, 3rd M20E – middle) and Ed Cory-Wright (2nd M20E – sprint) could not prevent the Australian Bushrengers from regaining the Aspin-Key Trophy in the ANZ Test Match run at the Australian Champs carnival.

Full details are on the Orienteering Australia Website but final scores were as follows.

Senior Men: NZL 51 AUS 53, Senior Women: NZl 42 AUS 119, Junior Men: NZL 90 AUS 71, Junior Women: NZL 42 AUS 119


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