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Call for Oceania & World Masters Orienteering Volunteers
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Fri 2 Sep 2016 5:43pm
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Oceania + World Masters Orienteering Championships - Auckland 2017

Last month, Shaun Collins talked on the organisational challenges in bringing together next year’s Oceania and World Masters Orienteering Champs (WMOC) at an Auckland Orienteering Club social evening. Shaun owns the event company Lactic Turkey and has been engaged by WMG and ONZ to manage these two orienteering carnivals.

For WMOC we are expecting over 1,000 participants (WMG is targeting 125 volunteers to cover the week). For Oceania we are expecting over 600 participants. These are large events and we need as many people to help as possible, please.

Being two events and with the involvement of WMG, the sign-up process is a little bit “clunky”, but it shouldn’t take longer than about 10mins. (The AOC Club President managed it without too much trouble.)

Eligible competitors can still compete at the same time, and by volunteering you get:

  • A free uniform to keep
  • Meals
  • A mighty good feeling for helping out your club and the sport of orienteering
  • The experience of being part of one of the biggest sporting events in the world!
AOC Social

Shaun presenting to attentive Auckland Orienteering Club members…

For those who couldn’t make it along, plus a reminder for those who did, you can download or view a copy of Shaun’s Volunteers presentation. (PDF 1.25MB)  It is also available on the Auckland Orienteering Club’s website.

Some of the important points Shaun mentioned:

  1. Oceania and WMOC/WMG are separate events, both to enter as a participant AND to register as a volunteer.
  2. WMOC/WMG is run by a company and has stricter requirements.
    • To register as a participant for WMOC, go to: https://wmg2017.fusesport.com/registration/258/register
    • To register as a volunteer for WMOC, go to: http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/get-involved/volunteers/
      • All orienteers should apply as sport-endorsed volunteers, and enter ORIENSC code when prompted
      • You can still participate as an athlete, volunteer scheduling will take into account start times just as we do normally for O events
      • Orienteers who volunteer will perform much the same roles as they do at a normal event, including set-up, starts, finishing, results, pack down, control collection
    • To volunteer at WMOC you HAVE to go through the WMG volunteer process that includes signing a form for a police check, photo ID production and general intro talk. As a sport-endorsed volunteer (remember to use the code, ORIENSC), you won’t have an interview.
    • Oceania is a club-run event like normal large O events in NZ
      • To register for the Oceania/Middle Earth events, go to http://oceania2017.nz/
        • Enter as a participant using the Entry tab at the top
        • Volunteer using the Volunteer tab at the top.
      • This website also has the info about volunteering for WMOC through the WMG website.
  3. Oceania and WMOC have different entry cut-off dates, be sure to check them out, or why not enter now and remove the risk of missing out?

(source: Auckland Orienteering Club Newsletter)

Calling All Orienteers!!

In April 2017 Auckland will host two of the largest orienteering events ever to be held in New Zealand. The Oceania Orienteering Championships and the Auckland World Masters Games will run over consecutive weekends in terrain throughout the region.

Auckland, Counties Manukau and North West Orienteering Clubs are collaborating to organise both orienteering carnivals, and its going to be a great challenge to hold 11 races in 14 days (including 2 days in Rotorua organised by OBOP). With ONZ, the three clubs have formed a steering group which has been working together for five years to lay the foundations for this landmark occasion.

We are hosting Oceania ourselves. This will be like a normal NZ orienteering event, only bigger.

For Auckland World Masters Games, orienteering is just one of 28 sports. We’re contracted to deliver orienteering within the larger Games event. Auckland is expecting 25,000 athletes – that’s bigger than the Olympics – of which 1000 or more will be orienteers.

We will use the same teams to deliver both events. Volunteers will still be able to compete – we’ll work around your commitments.


We are using this signup form to collect volunteers for Oceania and AWMG but as per below you must also register on the official AWMG site.

Register as a Volunteer for Oceania Champs


AWMG will have a compulsory volunteer registration process via the official AWMG website. It is a quick and easy process to sign up – about 10min!  All our orienteering club members will be “sport-specific volunteers”.  The Games team want to have all sport specific volunteers signed up as early as possible so go on and do this now. When registering with AWMG, you’re just putting your name down. You won’t be assigned to any particular role.  But, what do you get includes:

  • A code to use when applying that allows you to skip many questions and the interview process.
    When you get to the section asking for a sporting partner endorsed code use ORIENSC
  • A free uniform to keep
  • Meals
  • A mighty good feeling for helping out your club and the sport of orienteering
  • The experience of being part of one of the biggest sporting events in the world

What you need to do:

  • Apply as a volunteer as soon as you can
  • Have your driver’s license or passport ready when you apply plus your t-shirt size
  • Be available to help at four or more volunteer shifts

For more information have a look here:


The FAQ’s link has a lot more detailed information if there is anything more you need to know. Once you’ve got all the info you need, grab your passport or driver’s license, click Apply and choose the SPORT link. When you get to the section asking for a sporting partner endorsed code use ORIENSC

Thank you so much for taking the time to apply as a volunteer so Orienteering can be a successful sport at the Auckland World Masters Games!

So what are you waiting for….fill out your details, tell us your plans and we’ll be back in touch.

STEP ONE: Apply as volunteer for World Masters Orienteering 2017


STEP TWO: Register as a Volunteer for Oceania Champs 2017

What happens at the World Masters Games Volunteer interview session?

I found the WMG volunteer interview session experience to be easy and short.
A few days after registering online with the code “ORIENSC” I received an email to indicate I had been assigned a time for an interview. I logged into the WMG volunteer portal to check what session time I had been assigned. It gives the option to confirm you can attend or no, it needs to be rescheduled. My interview was on a Saturday at the Velodrome in Cambridge as I am currently living in the Waikato.
My first tip: plan to get to your session room early and before the session start time. The short talk and video is early in the session time. If you miss this you will be asked to come back for another session.
The room had seating for approximately 30 volunteers, so it was reasonably small session, and in the Waikato we had a great view of the people on bikes learning how to whizz around the velodrome (and then stop without brakes).
On arrival we simply showed the volunteers our two forms of photo identification and they marked our forms to indicate they had been sighted and checked. We then received the form and pen to read and fill out authorising a police check to be completed. We listened and watched the short presentation about volunteering and the games.  When that finished we had our digital photo taken for our volunteer id and that was it! People who didn’t use a sport code took turns to have a short chat with a volunteer about what volunteer department they would best suit. It was also a great chance to have a chat with volunteers from other sports.”
– Roger Woodroofe, (WK/AK)

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