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Club Forum summary
By Christo Peters - Sat 28 Oct 2023 10:13am

The annual ONZ Club Forum took place on Thu 26th October and was attended by representatives from 15 of our 17 clubs. This year’s forum focused on two key topics:

(i) Sport and Club Health – Highlights from the recent Member Survey

(ii) Landowner relationships – Sharing good practice

A big thank you to all those that attended. A couple of key ideas that had a lot of traction at the forum were the worth of quarterly knowledge sharing opportunities where clubs can share best practice. Another well supported idea was for the production of resources/templates to assist clubs approaching landowners for access to run orienteering events. Both these ideas will be included into the Business Planning Meeting in November which will establish ONZ’s focus for the year ahead.

A PDF version of the forum powerpoint can be found below

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