Council Extraordinary Vacancy – Update
By Catriona McBean - Fri 15 Jun 2018 11:36am
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Following the announcement earlier today (below) of the applications for the ONZ Council Extraordinary Vacancy, Tommy Hayes has advised his withdrawal.

Therefore, in accordance with the Orienteering NZ Constitution, Alison Comer has been appointed to the vacancy.



Applications have now closed for the ONZ Council Extraordinary Vacancy.

Two applications were received which now triggers the ONZ Council Election Process.

Clubs will be invited to vote for their preferred candidate to fill the vacancy until the 2019 AGM.  The postal election closes on 13 July – unless all clubs submit their votes earlier.

The two applicants are:

Alison Comer (AK)

Specific interests include strategic development of junior orienteering, orienteering as a sport for life, and organisational good practice.

Alison currently works as a freelance  medical/scientific writer and has excellent written and verbal communication skills.   Currently she is on the ONZ Junior Development Committee and has served on a number of school and other committees in the past.  She has previously worked in senior roles in government and private businesses, and has a good understanding of budgeting and grant application processes, project management, organisational structures and business growth.  Alison offers attention to detail, critical thinking, organisational understanding, knowledge about the sport, and experience working with a wide variety of people to achieve strategic objectives.

Alison is currently Secretary for Auckland Orienteering Club. Over her 20+ years orienteering she has competed in and planned, controlled, and organised many orienteering events, from casual club nights through to NZ Champs level competition.  She also has coaching experience in orienteering and other sports (junior football, cricket), which has given her useful insights into what works and doesn’t work when developing programmes to engage juniors (and adults) in sport.

Tommy Hayes (AK)

Tommy has an array of skills and experience and personality that would benefit the Council, positively engaging to help make the best decisions for the orienteering public and ensure the betterment of our sport in New Zealand.  Living in Auckland and regularly attending events he will provide a conduit with the upper North Island orienteering clubs and community and a face for the Council in the Auckland region.

He will be able to contribute to the council the current thinking of the younger body of orienteers in New Zealand, many of whom are at a crucial age of being vulnerable to detachment from the orienteering community.  Tommy has a particular interest in the high performance sector and looks forward to supporting and developing our high level athletes and improving NZ orienteering’s success nationally and internationally.

In addition to studying, he has spent the last three years working on various research projects for the Auckland District Health Board, involving critical reviews, patient interviews, and data analysis.

Tommy has spent the majority of the last 10 years representing New Zealand at JWOC and WOC, coaching and setting courses for Auckland Orienteering Club and organising volunteers for WMG 2017 and NZOC 2018.

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