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Early Bird entries for Australian O Carnival in September extended to Friday 5th May 2017.
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Tue 2 May 2017 1:12pm
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Australian Orienteering Championships Carnival 2017

“Early Bird entries for the Aus O Carnival in September 2017 have been extended to this Friday 5th May as a result of requests from some amazing volunteers putting on the Oceania and World Masters Champs.  The organisation of all events was superb and the Australian contingent enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We now totally understand why entering our champs would have been last on the to-do list for New Zealanders.”  – Barbara Junghans (Carnival Director)




Australian O Carnival Bulletin 1 is available (PDF)


The Australian O carnival Model events can be visited on Friday 22nd September. Competition starts with the Australian Sprint Championships in Bathurst on the 23rd and concludes with the Australian Relay Champs in Hill End on 1st October. Follow the rainbow to seek your gold….

2017 Aus O Carnival Dates

2017 Aus O Carnival Locations


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